Friday, July 3, 2015

Entres-vous. . .

I have been wanting to do something different in our entryway for, like, EVER. The two photos below are what we currently have, sans any photo-editing, and complete with large ding in the wall because SOMEONE keeps throwing the door open with all of their might every time they open it (SIMONSCARLETTGAVIN I'm looking at you. . . )

Nothing special. . . kind of boring. . . 

Okay - REALLY boring. 

So eons ago, I created a Pinterest board for Entryways. Below are some of my favorites. I'm trying to link directly from Pinterest, which is a completely difficult, cumbersome process since they changed it (thanks for NOTHING, Pinterest), but at least you can click through if you want more info.

Love the simple, graphic, black and white artwork combined with that amazingly intricate carved entry table in the first pin, and conversely, that crazy-cool wallpaper with a very simple, mid-century mod credenza. Groovy. Then there's more crazy wallpaper in funky, candy-bright colors, an adorable, repurposed and lacquered chest made modern, a dope gallery wall, a simple x-legged desk and graphic basket for eleventy-five tiny pairs of shoes (SIMONSCARLETTGAVIN I'm looking at you. . . ), and some pops of color on a traditional piece of furniture. So. Many. Choices. I reeeeally love the crazy graphic wallpaper ones, or even a horizontally-striped wall, but sadly, my entry wall doesn't have a "stopping point," if you will, for wallpaper or paint - it continues on into the living room. I may have to do some kind of giant piece of art to go there. 

 What does anyone else have in their entryway? I'm curious. Share - this is a safe place (still).