Monday, March 31, 2014


I've been on Instagram more than ever lately, and thought I'd share some of my life via the camera roll lately. If you're an Instagrammer, look me up here. I ain't even gonna lie - this is a photo-heavy post, ya'll.

My first pair of Vans EVER. These babies are way past due. I can't seem to remove them from my feet.

Dinner last week - mussels in a beer/tomato broth - I was craving it alllll the live-long day, and this recipe satisfied. Nom nom nommmmm...

I was putting something away last week in my closet upstairs, and saw my wedding dress hanging there, so I did what anyone would do - put it on. Sigh. I miss wearing it.

New Kate Spade candy-striped bedding in mah bedroom.

Hung a curtain rod on the wall outside the kids' room to display their art. Melikey.

Triptych I did for the kids' room several years ago (copied from a CB2 shower curtain). I finally got around to hanging it a few weeks ago. 

Cool mid-century artwork I scored for fiddy cent at a garage sale for the kids' room.

Simon (aka Larry Mullen, Jr.) banging the drums. Bono - I'll be calling you to set up an interview...

Took the kids to our local School of Rock this weekend for a trial class. They had a blast. I just wish it weren't so damn expensive. Ah well.

It's never to early to have an Easter egg hunt.

I always feel like somebody's watchin meeee....

Ahhhhh, great end to a great weekend.



Debbie Stinedurf said...

I just jumped on the Instagram wagon a couple of months ago & I love it. Great shots btw.

Angela said...

I am really enjoying you blog!

reham magdy said...


Zahra Sandberg said...

Omg love this post! you look amazing in your wedding dress, i love your bedding, and your kids are Ah-freaking-dorable!!

P.S. glad you are on Insta!


oomph. said...

love the idea of the curtain rod! i've hung string with pins, but i like the sturdier rod better.

Julie, N Ireland said...

Its great to see you are back in the blogosphere, you have been missed. The photos are brilliant and show how much of an adventure you have been on - congrats on meeting Mr President - amazing!
Julie x

Ann said...

I just found your blog (fellow KC-er), and I always start at the beginning of blog posts. I must know - what kind of camera do you use? Love the pics!!!