Friday, February 28, 2014

Stuff I Would Kiss On the Mouf

It has been way too long since a "favorites" post, and I have several new items to add, so the time is ripe, kids. Let's taste the rainbow.

I'm a bit of a makeup/hair tutorial geek, and came across this channel recently on YouTube, which is now one of my favey crocketts: MakeupByAlli. I think it's safe to say Alli is a makeup geek herself, albeit a gorgeous, charming, funny, 20-something makeup geek (jerk). Kidding! I kid! I'm a kidder - I do NOT think she is a jerk. Just look at her:

See? Seriously - I get sucked into her channel for waaayy too long some nights. The video I embedded above is older - she is actually brunette now, and looks completely different (but still gorgeous). I just love love love her makeup SO hard in that video. I WISH I could pull it off, but alas, so far, I have not.

Soooo some of my new favey makeup items are thanks to Miz. Alli. Here they be:

Urban Decay's Naked palette. I know, I know - I'm tardy to the party on this one, but I love it nonetheless. I plan to add Naked 2 and 3 to my collection in the near future. Next!

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in Warm Golden. I am forever looking for a good foundation, and everything I was finding just didn't give enough coverage, and I felt like it wore off by the end of the day. When I apply this with a damp makeup sponge, I love it. I use it in combination with:

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in Fair/Light, which I apply on my forehead, under my eyes, and down my nose. Use the damp sponge, and go over the concealed areas first, then dot on the Revlon whipped cream makeup on cheeks and blend that in. Voila!

Now on to the fun stuff:

Loreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in black and brown. Holy crap - why have I spent all these years using crappy eyeliner? This stuff goes on so smoothly it's ridiculous. I have been using it on my waterline and it doesn't bother my contacts. Love it.

Makeup Geek Pigments. Stop the presses. I have been reading about MAC's pigments for a while and wanted to try them, but the $21/color stopped me. The one I wanted was a duplicate for the pigment above in the bottom row all the way to the right - Blue Brown. When you wear it (I wear over a brown shadow), in one light it looks turqwaaaaz, and in another it looks brown. If you use MAC fix spray with it, you can use it like eyeliner. I also got the pigment above in the second row, second to the right. Love them both. You just have to use the tiniest bit to get a big impact, so I feel like my pots of pigment will last FOREVER. P.S. - Makeup Geek's pigments? Are $6.99. BOO-YAH. Next up?

Milani lipstick in Black Cherry and Best Red. You can find Milani at CVS, among other places, and the lipstick is $4.99 (and the day I was there they had a buy one get one 50% off, so SCORE). Finally?

NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Pie. Love. This. Very opaque, gives great coverage, and I really love it over both of the lipsticks above. Not a true red, but with a hiiiint of burgundy. The price is right too - at Ulta, they're $4.99. Oh - wait - I thought I was finished but I'm not. One mo thang!!

Because I apparently wasn't already spending enough money on makeup stuff, I decided to go ahead and join Birchbox for 6 months, and in my first month got a sample of Harvey Prince's Hello perfume. HELLO indeed! I bought myself a full-sized bottle, cuz this stuff was yum. Very light, citrus scent with meyer lemon, mandarin, and pink plumeria. You need to TREAT YOSELF and get some, cuz it's worth it.

Okay - I think that is quite enough for now. Please share some of YOUR faves with me, cuz clearly I need to spend MORE money. Ahem. Stay gold, Ponyboy.



Monday, February 24, 2014

My Quest

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the death of a local girl. Ann Harrison, who went to my rival high school, was 15 years old, waiting for the bus, when two men who were high on crack stopped where she was waiting, pulled her into their car, and took her to another location, where they raped and stabbed her to death. Just last week in Springfield, a city 2.5 hours from my home, Hailey Owens, 10 years old, was walking home from a friend's house, when a man - a para-professional at her own school - stopped, grabbed her and fled. Witnesses who were present gave chase but to no avail. A few days later, Hailey's body was found. She had been shot in the head. 

While I was reading yesterday morning about Ann, sitting at the breakfast table, having my coffee, my Gavin was telling me some crazy story, as is typical at our house. There are times, I am ashamed to say, that such an interruption would be annoying. But not yesterday. Because at that very moment, it struck me how fragile our life is. How precious. And when I read at the moment he was telling me his story that the two men who were responsible for Ann's death were scheduled to be executed at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday morning, I was angry. Because those men, besides the fact that they took the Harrisons' precious daughter from them, made sure that when they did, she was alone and afraid. How horrendous. And I thought, what a terrible, terrible thing. Not only for Ann - especially for Ann - but for her parents. I remember the line from Steel Magnolia's when Sally Field's character says of her daughter - "I was there when she came into my life, and I was there when she left, and it was the most precious thing ever." 

As a parent, it is inconceivable to me to fathom that one of my children would die before I do. It makes me sick to think about it. But God forbid if they did, my wish is that I would be there with them, to comfort them and hold them and breathe their last breath with them. To think of them dying alone and afraid is just....too much. 

So as this all whirled through my head, while Gavin was talking, with the paper still in my hands, I started crying. And I made a promise to myself to be a more patient mom. More loving. A mom who doesn't care if someone leaves plops of jelly on the counter, or doesn't make their bed. A mom who tries not to sweat the small stuff. Because there is so much more to sweat out there, and if you're focused on the small stuff that doesn't matter, you're missing the small stuff that does. 

My prayer this week is that God gives me the strength to persevere in my quest to let go. To not get mired in the details and the stuff that doesn't matter. My prayer is for Ann Harrison's parents, who have struggled with guilt and grief for 25 years, and for Hailey Owens' family, who sadly is just beginning their struggle. May they find peace in the small, important details that DO matter. 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Things I'm grateful for today: that at almost 60 degrees, it is TOO WARM to wear this outfit I wore last week. 60 degrees is GLORIOUS.

Grapefruit. It has been too long, my tart friend.

The upside to Tom traveling - we appreciate each other more when we're together now. We're kinder. Not that we're unkind when he's here more - we just...bicker. We're married, ya'll. Thas wha we DO.

New lipstick. It's fun to be a girl. Or RuPaul.

The purple and orange sunrise.

Watching my kids sing. Especially Gavin. Kid closes his eyes and FEELS the music. Harry Styles, we're coming for YOU.

My new Birchbox subscription. YAY new goodies in the mail! Especially the perfume I got yesterday, called Happy. I can't lie - I smell GOOOOOD.

What are YOU grateful for today? 

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Sweater: JC Penney
Jeans: F21
Boots: Frye


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cuz I'm Lazy

You get no witty text.

But you DO get sparkly pants.

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Wayf, Old Navy
Boots: Zara
Necklace: F21


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snowpacolypse 2014

I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted last. My apologies, but LIFE has just been in the way. We got hit with Snowpacolypse 2014 over the weekend, and I literally have not been out of the house since Friday. Well, that's not totally true - I burned 8,000 calories shoveling my driveway yesterday, but that's it. 

But SHAAANNNN, you might be wondering, if you haven't been out of your house, SURELY you have had time to blog, no? Well, NO. Cuz I have had a sick kid, and, and, annnnnd, I'm not sure if I have whined about this to you yet, but Tom is now traveling every weekend between now and...ohhh...May? June? Have I mentioned that? Yes? I know. I'm mentioning it again. So, to recap, in a slightly longer version - Snow like a bitch, stir crazy, sick kids, hubby gone A LOT, lots of feeling sorry for myself, eating too much, not working out enough, need a massage, shoveling like a madman, WHEN WILL WINTER END? There. I think that about covers it.