Friday, January 10, 2014

Random (p)Inspirations: Thankful

Yesterday, after leaving yoga class, I walked out into the cold night, and the way the air hit me so sharply, taking my breath away, while the snow glittered under the street lamps like diamonds, was, simply, a blessing.

I got in my car to drive home, turned off the radio, and said a prayer, thanking God for every blessing I could think of, big or small.  

For Simon, my intrepid writer of many books. For Scarlett, my silly, goofy girl who is learning to love to cook with me - my faithful sous chef. For Gavin, my boy with the heartbreakingly sweet smile.

For the meals I have eaten with my family this week - EVERY NIGHT.

For Tom, my patient, stoic, lovely husband.

For binge-watching Breaking Bad - FINALLY. I have a deep, abiding crush on Bryan Cranston.

I mean. Come ON. Aaron Paul ain't no chopped liver, either. And LOOK at that guy love. 

I thanked God for health. For the yoga class I had just taken, and the mini-massage the instructor gave everyone at the end.

For my sister and her family - though they are far away, they are always the closest in my heart.

For my parents, even though our relationship isn't always perfect, for the love they have always showered on my kids.
 For our home, messy though it may be, it is still beautiful, our safe place.

For laughing so hard that I may have peed my pants, just a little, yesterday, with my cousin. For friends who are always there no matter what. You know who you are.

Not to get too New Agey on you, but my hope is that you find your blessings when you least expect them. Happy Friday, and Namaste, yo.



Natasha said...

Love you, love your little birds and love blah blah.