Thursday, January 2, 2014

Don't Call It A Comeback

Lately the blogging gods have been conspiring against me. The week before Christmas the stomach bug hit the kids, and then Tom and I, and then - you know - LIFE just happens.

And now I'm getting a message from Google saying if I don't auto-renew my domain by January 7, I may lose everything in my blog. But then the feckers make is MUY DIFFICULT to complete the process OR contact them for help. If anyone else has had experience with this, I would LOVE to hear from you.

But then, part of me has been debating even keeping the blog going. It's true. I know I have been phoning it in for several months, and as always, I have the same doubts that go through my head - is anyone even out there? Has MerciBlahBlah run its course? 

I don't know. I haven't committed either way, and I DO love the creative outlet that the blog offers, but I just DON'T KNOW.

Has anyone else out there in blogland gone through this? I mean, I KNOW others have gone through it - that's silly - but if you have, chime in and let me know how you recharged. Or did you unplug?

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year. 

Sweater: Old Navy (old)
Button down: Thrifted
Jeans: Marshall's?
Boots: Target
Bracelet: TJ Maxx



Debbie Stinedurf said...

Love the sweater! Life does sometimes get in the way doesn't it? Should you continue blogging? I enjoy reading, you often make me laugh. But what it comes down to is you. Do you still love it? Do you enjoy doing it? If so, carry on girl! If not, then take a break and see how you feel.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I stopped blogging and just post outfits on Instagram now. It's easier. Take photo, done. I miss blogging a little bit but I was majorly burned out by the style blogging scene. Still am. It's been months and I've just started peeking at my Bloglovin' list again.

I agree with Debbie. Take a break, see how you feel. Maybe it's just a bit of the holiday/sickness burnout and when spring hits you'll feel renewed!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Thank you ladies, for your feedback. I have done my OOTD pics for so long now, it's become habit to get up, get ready and do my pics. However, when it is zero degrees and snowy/icy outside, I just want to dress as warmly as possibly, which ain't that cute. In any case, Imma play it by ear.

Jennifer Durham said...

I seriously go through the "should I just stop" every single month. No lie. About 2 years ago I tweeted that I was thinking about shuttering the blog and a bunch of people told me to just take a break and that's what I ended up doing. I took about 2 months off and came back recharged. Since then I have seriously stepped back from blogging - I do about 2-3 posts a week (if that) and that has helped keep me happy and not burnt out - it's more about what do I have to say and not I must publish something every day. Though I am finding that I enjoy the Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest more than blogging so I'm more active on that. Take a break from it all and just see how you feel. I will say that I LOVE your voice and your style is so unique and inspiring. Let's face it there's not a lot of us 40-something gals doing the style blog thing. I stopped doing my outfit posts a long time ago (and won't be doing them any time soon since my hubby hauled our camera on a work trip to China and it's not been seen since - yeah). At any rate I adore you! xoxo Jenny

Miranda said...

I would miss you! Take a vacay...but come back. We're here.

Courtnee said...

I intended to take a short break and I haven't posted since. Honestly, it was a relief. My heart wasn't in it and I'd put so much pressure on myself to make it a thing, ya know. There was also a lot of personal stuff that was happening that I wasn't super comfortable sharing but it felt so disingenuous to put on my happy blogger face that I think I just shut down. I do miss it! I'm at a different place and I really toy with starting up again but I'm still not sure.
As someone said up thread, there aren't a lot of 40 somethings doing this and I do love your style and your personal posts on kids and family! Selfishly I would hate to see you go but do what feels right for you.


AraBella said...

I would miss you terribly if you stopped blogging, it feels like you are a friend. I am with the other girls, take a break and reassess.. maybe the blog could evolve into something else where you write and share maybe once a month or so. Shannon, if you resolve your renewal of the blog please share the outcome. I am facing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

don't go!

Paula said...

Whoa, I have been a terrible reader of late and am catching up on the past month or so. I, for one, love your blog and hope you keep going. Take a much deserved break and know we will all be here if you come back!

Azura Skye said...

P.E.A.C.E, thats the one thing i really like in ur shirt.