Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All to Hear

A little Christmas-inspired random (p)Inspiration for the holidaze...

So loverly. This picture reminds me of the art in one of my favorite books as a kid, The Snowy Day.

If this staircase isn't amazing, I don't know what is. I am so doing this the next time I need to decorate for something festive.  

Hot apple cider funnel cakes? Get in mah pie hole.

 Sooooo purty.

I am enchanted by tiny winter scenes in small glass boxes.

If you can't wear a floor-length sequin skirt at Christmas time, when CAN you wear one, for the love of Kris Kringle?

Happiest of holidays, all!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#believe #beroyal #TAKETHECROWN

Here we are - day one of the World Series. I'll be the first to admit - I haven't watched a game in 29 years, but something about these playoffs, and this team - these Royals - awakened something in me and I can't get enough. The teams they have played are good teams - great teams even, but these Royals - our boys in blue - are magic. It is amazing to feel what they have done for our city. It's electric. Buzzing with excitement here - everywhere you go someone says - how 'bout those boys in blue? Are you watching the Royals? And people smile. Our city - which some consider fly-over country - may not be the most exciting place to some people - we don't have beaches or mountains - but our city - Kansas City - here in the heartland? Has HEART. These Royals have shown that over and over again in the last few weeks. These Royals have helped shift the consciousness of the country about Kansas City. I have read so many great things about our town from people who don't live here, and I am proud to call myself a Kansas Citian. Does it matter if we win the Series? No - at the end of the day, it's sports, we're not curing cancer, but we are HUNGRY to win it. And if we don't it's all good. We'll still have our boys in blue and their magic. We'll still have our heart. And I for one? Can't wait for spring 2015 to come around. Now go slay some Giants.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Random (p)Inspirations

Man oh man it has been FOR-EV-ER since I did a random pinspiration post. To the three of you who still read the blog, first of all, THANK YOU, and here's what is inspiring me lately.


For anyone else who, like me, is sick of ALL THE THINGS PUMPKIN SPICE. Thanks, Jay Pharoah.

This ponytail is so perfect it makes me want to punch Lauren Conrad right in the babymaker. I won't, but I want to. Consider yourself warned, LC.

1970s boho perfection.

So I have been painting up my kids' jeans over the past week (Simon requested a pair with a skull on them recently), which brought back my high school days of painting jeans and denim jackets. Imma do a pair like the ones below (which are Ralph Lauren and cost about $250). And you know what? Imma get a $5 pair at the Goodwill and they will look just as cool. SUCK IT, RALPH LAUREN.

Wanna see some badass interiors? Here they are.

(I never met a kilim I didn't love).

(This room's texture and asymmetry drive me bonkers in the best way).

 (We recently scored a leather couch off Craigslist for our basement reno, and I am going to have to find an el cheapo serape to go on it for the surf hippie vibe I'm going for).

Speaking of basement reno, I also scored some repositionable wallpaper at Target that is covered in old school black and white boom boxes. It's going on one wall of the bathroom, and the rest are going to be painted a deep charcoal. I'm getting this poster to hang inside a scrolly gold frame across from the toilet:

and this rug from Urban Outfitters:

Some stuff I want to DIY:

how cool are those? TRES cool. I know. Finally - who DOESN'T need some googly-eyed cookies for Halloween?

Happy Thursday, yo.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Get Help

I wrote the following poem in 1994, after leaving an abusive relationship. I left in the middle of the night, literally holding one lens of my glasses up to my eye so I could see to drive to my parents' house, because my abuser had shoved me into the floor and broken my glasses. I was scared shitless running to my car, afraid he was running after me to drag me back into our apartment, like he had done on previous occasions to continue beating me. To those people who would say about Janey Rice "Why doesn't she just leave?" or "If it were me, he wouldn't do that and get away with it," well, I said those things too. I debated even putting this on Facebook because it's the most personal thing I could possibly share, but if someone else in this situation sees this and decides to leave their abuser, then it's worth it. If that someone is you, go to the Domestic Violence hotline here:


How he can make you feel your whole life
Your whole being is wrong
Like you’re the one who’s crazy
Like you’re betraying him
Even after the ugly words
The bouquets of bruises
The battered soul and tattered appearance
But that sickly-sweet, mothball and pipe-smoke scent of 
Claustrophobia is so strong
You’re smothering – 
Pieces of a puzzle you’ve worked on 
Your whole life, mostly finished
He rips away one by one
Chews them up so they’re 
Soggy, grey and lifeless,
Spits them out stomps on them
Like he did you, curled into that
Pathetic screaming ball at 2 in the morning,
Trying to shield yourself from fists and feet,
The shrapnel of his anger – 
Those puzzle pieces gone forever now
But parts of him still stick to me
Like leeches or wet leaves,
Burned in my brain
Butterflies of bruises alit on my arms
My thighs
Hideous Monarchs of yellow and green
Black and blue
Winged terrors that won’t fly away anytime soon
 And an endless cacophony of whys
In this Babylon of my mind
Fists and feet may break my bones and
Words will always hurt me – 
The only thing left is a shell
So fragile and cracked
With nothing left inside
Almost (nothing)
But some tiny (miniscule) spark screams
Save Yourself
I Think I Can
And I slip out the door like a thief in the night
Stealing back what was already mine.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Is This Thing On???

Don't know if anyone will even read this, but clearly blogging has not been in the forefront of my priorities the past several months. There has been a shit ton of stuff going on in life, mostly related to my job, which was the most stressful, painful time I have ever had in a job. I've worked for my employer for almost 11 years, and have always loved it. It's in the non-profit field, very small office - we had 4 employees as of last October. At that time, our VP took another job. This past May, our President retired, and in June our Office Manager left, which left ...guess who...THIS guy...there by myself. I was never sure how long it would last, IF it would last, when they would bring someone else in, and where I would land if/when they did. There were NUMEROUS times I was THISCLOSE to walking out the door without another job, but I didn't. The new President is in place, I like him, and I've decided to stick it out at least a little while. 

Hear me now and believe me later when I tell you the range of emotions and the depression I have felt in the past months affected me in every facet of my life. Coming home bawling every night, while Tom asked - "you're crying AGAIN?" incredulously, was soul-crushing. Don't get me wrong - I had moments of clarity when I realized that in the scheme of things, this was by far the worst thing that could happen - but when you're mired in the midst of it, sometimes it's difficult to see that. I DID come away with a renewed appreciation for my kids, and realized that their little messes, their tattling or bickering or general ornery-ness wasn't the worst thing in life. I did more yoga and pilates than ever before, which was a gift, simply speaking. It clears my head like almost nothing else. So. What has been going on with YOU, dear people? If anyone is out there, let me know. Here are some pics of the Blah-Blah life since March. Enjoy.

Don't get me wrong - though I did a lotta this:

We also did a lotta that:

some of this:

(because why WOULDN'T you wear a rubber horse's head to cheer yourself up???)

a good bit of cooking:

(This is literally the best thing I made all year - Asian Sesame Grilled Tuna Steak with orange glazed sweet potatoes and forbidden rice.)

Can't get enough tomato peach mozzarella caprese salad.

...and for the fourth of July...God bless lobster. I mean America.

New favorite necklace - the Gemini - from Charming Charlie's, along with new favorite Marrakech tee from Madewell...

Lookit that! Date night with mah hubby.

New favorite way to wear my bracelet (aka belt) around my bicep. It's very Game of Thrones chic. You may call me The Khaleesi.

Oh yeah, and this happened last week...

Pa, Ma and I were lucky enough to see the Prez land and shake his hand. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Happy Day, Luvahs.


Monday, March 31, 2014


I've been on Instagram more than ever lately, and thought I'd share some of my life via the camera roll lately. If you're an Instagrammer, look me up here. I ain't even gonna lie - this is a photo-heavy post, ya'll.

My first pair of Vans EVER. These babies are way past due. I can't seem to remove them from my feet.

Dinner last week - mussels in a beer/tomato broth - I was craving it alllll the live-long day, and this recipe satisfied. Nom nom nommmmm...

I was putting something away last week in my closet upstairs, and saw my wedding dress hanging there, so I did what anyone would do - put it on. Sigh. I miss wearing it.

New Kate Spade candy-striped bedding in mah bedroom.

Hung a curtain rod on the wall outside the kids' room to display their art. Melikey.

Triptych I did for the kids' room several years ago (copied from a CB2 shower curtain). I finally got around to hanging it a few weeks ago. 

Cool mid-century artwork I scored for fiddy cent at a garage sale for the kids' room.

Simon (aka Larry Mullen, Jr.) banging the drums. Bono - I'll be calling you to set up an interview...

Took the kids to our local School of Rock this weekend for a trial class. They had a blast. I just wish it weren't so damn expensive. Ah well.

It's never to early to have an Easter egg hunt.

I always feel like somebody's watchin meeee....

Ahhhhh, great end to a great weekend.