Friday, December 20, 2013

I SWEAR I'm Not Dead.

Ya'll, the day after we got back from California this last week, we began Barfpocalypse 2013 at Casa de Blah Blah, which leaves little to no time to peruse blogs, let alone keep this one up. Hell, I didn't have an uninterrupted night of sleep until Wednesday. Soooo, wivout further adoooo, here are the rest of those pics of our trip to Cali that I promised in the last post. 

Pic outside of our room at 14 West - I HIGHLY recommend this boutique hotel. It's right on PCH, and there are only about 10 units in it, each of which is a studio apartment. We had a fireplace in our room, kitchenette, gorgeous, modern furnishings. The only downside to me was that the lighting kind of sucked in it, so I could NOT see to put my makeup on, and consequently either looked like I was wearing none, or was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race.

The view across PCH from our hotel. This is one of my favorite pics - I love how it looks almost like it's created with toys. I may frame this one.

And THIS is the view behind the one just above. Look at that water. I mean.
Surfboards inside the Orange Inn, which really DOES have the best coffee in Laguna. Their breakfast left a little to be desired, however. Huevos rancheros on TOAST? REALLY???

The Penguin Cafe, howevah, knows from huevos rancheros.

It would not be a trip to California without them. Ooooooh mama.

And that is me with a belly full of them. What ELSE did I put in mah belly?

Only my favorite thing EVER to put in mah belly - chicken fois brulee from the Watermarc. It's slightly different than the last time we visited, since fois gras is now illegal in Cali, but the chef came up with an alternative that is just as delish. Those things on the right side are profiteroles. NOM NOM NOM.

Ohhhh, we also got the chance to meet up with my homegirl Carrie, of the blog This Free Bird (which she is currently revamping), at her boyfriend's restaurant in Huntington Beach The Corner. If you live around there and haven't been - GO. I have three words for you: Short Rib Tacos. Okay, I have a few more: Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart on PRETZEL CRUST. SEEEEE???? Delish.

Can't leave without taking twelvity-five hundred photos of the ocean....

other sites around Laguna...

...and triplet palms.

Christmas lights in SoCal...

...Hi - I'm Shannan. I love long walks along the beach at sunset, puppies, and pina coladas...

Crazy insane surfers out there in the waves. Look, that water is FRIGID in June, but this particular day it was about 57 out, so I can only IMAGINE how cold it was then. Those dudes are DEDICATED. 

And seriously, the most insane sunsets ever.

All of my pics above are instagrammed, but this one I did nothing to. It really just looked like that. To those of you who are lucky enough to live near the ocean, please, for me - never take it for granted. To those of you who have never been to the ocean - please, for me - but more for you - GO. It is a gift.



Jennifer Durham said...

Gorgeous! I must get to SoCal, my brother lives there and we really need to visit!