Wednesday, November 27, 2013


To those who celebrate Turkey Day tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving. To everyone, everywhere, thanks for stopping in to my small corner of the internet each day. I am thankful for each of you!

(Gavin, Scarlett, and Simon)

I thought I'd share my kiddos' recipes for cooking a turkey. I may be biased, but I think they're pretty damn funny. Enjoy!!

First, you chop the head off. Then you put salt on it. After it, then you go to the sour part. And then, you put it in the oven, and turn it on hot. You cook it for 10 hours. Then you eat it.

Get the turkey at the woods. You have to shoot the turkey. Take the feathers off. You have to cut them off. You could take the feathers off with your hands. Pull them really hard. Then you have to cook it in the oven. I don't know how long though. Maybe you should call my mommy and tell her how long it will take. My mommy's number is 4&*-@#$!. When it is done you have to take it out of the oven. You put it on the Thanksgiving table and eat it. My mommy also makes cranberries and she will make some potatoes for Daddy!

You can but it from a store like Target by the food. Put it in the car. It will already be dead. Put it in the trunk because if you put it in the front you will have no space to drive. If it's cold you have to cook it. Put salt on it and pepper. There will be one foot sticking out but don't eat it because it will probably have bones in it. I think that's all. Put it in the oven and put the timer on for 10 minutes for 8 degrees. Check the timer and see what time it is. Put a little more salt on it, too. You can eat it with baked beans and potatoes or you can wait until Thanksgiving but  you will have to put it in the refrigerator. Then you would have to warm it up again.



Debbie Stinedurf said...

Ha! I don't know which one I like are awesome!