Friday, November 8, 2013

Random (p)Inspirations: Try, DIY, Fly, Sigh

Things to try, things to DIY, things that are fly...

Fly: Those bare wood herringbone floors are killing me softly. And that French film poster? Please.

Fly: You know imma sucker for a mix of pattern and texture.

Fly: Sometimes I forget how fly David Bowie is. This is a good reminder.

Fly: SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, you sparkly Missoni jacket.

Try: Totally recreating this look. HARRUMPH.

DIY: Apparently I need a giant lip painting. Methinks I will attempt one of the above.

DIY: Okay, I'm not QUITE skilled enough to dip dye a French provincial chair, but if I were, I would certainly attempt this bitch.

Try (Try Again): I will conquer this hurrstyle if it's the last thing I do!!! Her slouchy chic ain't half bad, either.

Sigh. If ONLY we had one more day like this before winter hits.