Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random (p)Inspiration: Follow the Call of the Disco Ball

SOMEONE has two thumbs and has been pinning like a muthaf#cka lately, and it's THIS guy. What was my pin of choice this week? Disco balls. I'm pretty sure at some point in the midst of my disco ball frenzy on Tuesday, someone out there on my feed was all, WE GET IT - YOU LIKE DISCO BALLS, NOW LAY OFF CRAZY McSHINYPANTS.

I feel like I need to explain myself. I'm not sure how long I have been obsessed with disco balls, but it IS one of my routine searches on Craigslist, along with "Longhorn steer skull," and "card catalog." That, my friends, is a true story. On Tuesday, I was in Hobby Lobby on my lunch hour, and they had the most EXCELLENT Christmas wreath that looked like it was composed of tiny, champagne colored disco balls. For $80. EIGHTY DOLLARS is too much money for a disco ball Christmas wreath, I said to myself, so I found similar supplies which are still sitting in my garage as we speak, but I intend to get my craft on sometime this weekend to make one for my front door. And then, lo and behold, on my way to the check out counter, I found a big disco ball. We're not talking 2' in diameter disco ball - that would be the MOTHER LOAD of balls, but it was probably 10" in diameter. For $7.50. SEVEN FIFTY, kids. Needless to say, it is also sitting in my garage, and I'm going to have el hubby-o hang it in the corner of our living room this weekend, where it will wait patiently until I find possibly two more to cluster with it. Oh yes, I SAID TWO MORE. 

If I REALLY had balls (see what I did there?) I'd hang an entire ceiling full, like in one of the coolest places I ever visited - the G Hotel in Galway, Ireland. Check this shit out:

Okay - they're not ACTUALLY disco balls, but they COULD be. Let's look at a shit ton of OTHER disco inspirations, mmmmkay?

NOBODY puts disco in the corner. Except this guy, along with a freaking AMAZING hot pink velvet egg-chair.

I believe you know how I feel about mixing rustic with modern. That goes double for disco.

Disco kids room? Sign me up!

Disco fireplace with tiny stuffed fawn? Weird, slightly creepy, but discoriffic.

Turn on the Bee Gee's, move that damn chaise, and shake yo GROOVE THANG.

It's disco! It's Buddha! It's two great tastes that taste great together!!

Disco stair risers? HELLZ YES.

And just for you? 




Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Brilliant song : )


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