Monday, November 18, 2013

Hot and Cold

Warning: Photo-heavy post ahead.

Okay - maybe not HOT exactly, but warm, especially for November. Tom took these pics of the kids on Saturday, when it was almost 70 degrees.

Contrast that with the pics of me, taken last Monday, when it was about, ohhhh, 15 degrees when I left for work.

These pics of the kids are possibly my favorites ever taken.

I love this photo so much. They just look so joyful, and it makes me happy to look at it.

And this outfit was a mish-mash of printed items I grabbed, knowing I was going to be FREEZING in my office at work. I actually loved how it turned out.

Guh. So precious it kills me dead.

I picked that giant sweater up at the thrift store last year. IT'S A LIZ. Clairborn, that is. For my friends and family who know my mom, they know that Liz is the PINNACLE of high fashion to her. All I know is this ginormous sweater - possibly from Liz's "Big and Tall" collection - is a cocoon of cozy.

Speaking of cocoon...check out THAT coverage.

And those boots? El CHEAPOS from an online retailer who I don't think is around anymore. But they're lined in a thin faux fur, and SOOOO toasty.

Miley Cyrus has NOTHING on Scarlett, ya'll.

Why am I clenching my fists here? Am I trying to fart? Possibly.


You can kinda sorta see my necklace - a scarab that I scored from a garage sale a few years ago.

Happy Monday, yo.

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Sweater: Thrifted, Liz Clairborn, XL
Striped shirt: JC Penney
Pantalones: Target
Boots: El cheapos, ZooShoo
Necklace: Garage sale



Debbie Stinedurf said...

Love the sweater, love the boots, and the leaf pics are definitely frame worthy!