Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Help In the Bedroom

I need help in the bedroom, ya'll.

Not THAT kind of help. Sheesh - get your dirty minds out the gutter!! I need your opinions on changing my bedding to something more wintery. This is what it looks like now:

It's not bad - I love our furniture, but it's the bedding that is WAH WAAAAAH to me. I don't mind all white for summer, but I want something more for the fall and cold winter months.

Here's where you come in. Please weigh in - give me your suggestions on what you would add/subtract from our current situation. I keep thinking I would like something ethnic - a kantha quilt, or suzani print, or something like that. Even a large knit plaid throw. The wall behind our bed is charcoal, and the rest of the walls are a lighter grey - same in the bafroom. Because the walls are neutral, I'm open to color suggestions for the bedding. Our curtains are an ivory silk dupioni, and they could change for the season too. Here are some deets from the rest of the room and our master bath:

Deer antlers from a deer my dad got when I was a kid. Being repurposed as a jurrey holder.

Foo dawgs on the nightstand, yo.

Buddha-turned-'nother jurrey holder.

So please - give me some ideas. Links are always welcome. Please and thank ye kindly!



whitley hamlin said...

Sweet girl, have missed you!!!! I love the antlers your daddy gave you... They, and they Buddha (and the BA jewelry hanging on them) are fantastic! Hope you are staying warm!... Ha! Lots of these... xxxooo

ritu said...

quite beautiful.. thanks for sharing..

tb said...

I like the white bedding for the winter!!! Cause that's what I have....I do like your headboard and want and need one pronto...any tips or insights.....btw did you change your color scheme for this winter? PS your room looks smashing!!!!!