Friday, October 4, 2013

Random (p)Inspirations: Autumnal

Lawd, but I am NERVOUS, kids. I am participating in Foam Fest tomorrow - a 5K run and obstacle course that includes things like 8-foot wall climbs, sprints across lily pads (these thing foam thingies that float on the top of the water and SUPPOSEDLY support one's weight if they run fast enough), and a crawl through mud pits that have electrical wires dangling above them. I ain't even playin. 

To take my mind off my noyves, let's looks at some of my favorite Pins this week. If you want to see even MORE of my pins, check them out here.

One more thing - if you haven't yet voted for MBB in the VoiceBoks Top Moms Who Blog About Fashion & Beauty, do dat here, pretty please and thankuverymuch.

Ahhhh.....fall leaves. Sooooothing...

I dig an animal print and a pencil skirt, and this is no exception. Go on witcho Bambi badass.

I TODE you I like my animal print. I'm always up for a good thrift-store trench DIY. This one would be pretty easy peasy lemon-squeezy with some fabric paint.

I love this. The end.

So simple, so chic, so cozy wozy. Can't wait to recreate this if it ever actually turns FALL here in the midwest. Ugh.

...and this one...

and DEFINITELY this one.

Have a great weekend, yo.



Debbie Stinedurf said...

Holy scariness! Good luck tomorrow...don't electrocute yourself for God's sake!!! BTW love, love, the plaid skirt and sweater pic.

Sierra said...

My best wishes with you good luck. Don't nervous..I love all collection of pictures especially house outdoor pictures.. Thanks for sharing.