Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rumpus Time Is OVER!

You know how sometimes you see something that just inspires you to WRITE? Well, this weekend I came across this clip on the internet, and it just SPOKE to me:

I have never seen the movie before, but really feel like there has been a hidden camera in my house filming to capture the dialogue, which could have come DIRECTLY from our conversations with the kids. 

Well, except for "RUMPUS TIME IS OVER!!!" But which I fully intend to incorporate immediately in the Casa de Blah Blah vernacular.

But seriously? All the talk of activities? I don't know what it is with our kids, and Simon in particular, but every day there is much ballyhoo about their "activities," so much so that in the mornings, Simon will come downstairs, and lay out an "activity" for each person at the kitchen table. Hell, they have even taken to putting their "activities" under their pillows at night, so they are ready IMMEDIATELY to go straight into activity mode upon awakening. 

I feel like I should start calling Simon by the name Julie, and get him a job as a cruise director on board the Love Boat or something.

Wow - who would have thought the movie Stepbrothers is what wedged me out of my writing rut? THANK YOU, Will Ferrell.

Dress: Macy's
Bra Top: Adidas, TJ Maxx
Necklace: Threadsence
Shoes: Target
Bracelet: TJ Maxx



Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...


I saw that movie. There were quite a few funny bits.

Someone sounds like a "take charge" kind of little dude.

So many youngin's will not get your Love Boat reference ; )


heidi said...

someday my husband and i are going to start a business called prestige worldwide because of this movie. i actually dread turning the tv on on a saturday night because more often than not stepbrothers is on and my husband will go into a trance until we watch the WHOLE THING. AGAIN. but it's ridiculously hilarious.