Monday, September 23, 2013

Red Carpet Recap: Emmy's Schmemmy's

First of all, I'll say I haven't even finished watching the Emmy's yet, cuz - HELLO - final night of Dexter was on last night, and by the by - what the FUCK was that ending????? I was hoping it would be something magnificent like the final episode of Six Feet Under? But no. We got...that...

Anyhoo - I did jot down a few thoughts about the red carpet fashion before hand, so let's get to it. In no particular order, mainly cuz I'm too lazy this morning:

Anna Faris: Big Bird called and wants his RuPaul's Drag Race Finale dress back. Look, the style of the dress is gorgeous on her, but the color is turrible, and don't get me started on the hair. It looks like a bad wig.

And now, Sister Wives in da HOUSE....

Amanda Peet: Is this a joke?

and her sister wife sistah...

Aubrey Plaza: Glamour by Gunne Sax....

Claire Danes: I think she almost always gets it right on the R.C. I don't love this as much as some that she has worn, but it is gorgeous. I also thought on camera her makeup was GORGEOUS. The perfect way to do a minimal makeup with a bold lip, but in photos, it didn't translate.

Cat Deeley: My Number One Girl Crush...I'm sad to say this is not my favorite Cat look. You can't see it in this photo, but the dress has a peplum that made her look hippy, which she totally ISN'T. 

Elisabeth Moss: This may be the best she has looked on the R.C. in my humble opinion. Not to mention that this dress reminds me of a vintage dress of my mom's that I wore in high school, so I had an automatic affection for it.

Julie Bowen: Is another of my girl crushes, but this is just too much dress for her. I think she looks best in sleek column gowns. This one overwhelms her, and the fit in the bodice looks a bit wonky - almost too big or something.


Julia Louis Dreyfus: One of my favorites of the night. DOES THIS WOMAN NEVER AGE????!!!

Kate Mara: Another favorite. When I looked back to pick photos for this post, I realized my favorites were the most simple dresses. Huh. Go figure...

Lena Dunham: I wanted to like this. I really did. I think the print and colors are actually gorgeous, but the proportions of the dress seem so odd to me on her. What I can appreciate about her though, is that her makeup is always cool and funky. And in the opposite issue as with Claire Danes' too minimal in photos makeup, this almost looks crazy, but on camera I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Her eyes are really gorgeous, and that is what I always think when I see her at a fancy event - they just glow.

Malin Ackerman: You've heard of the Bride of Frankenstein, no? This is Bride of the Mummy. I kept fearing she was going to have a nip-slip. Unfortunate fit.

Padma Lakshmi: One of my top three dresses of the night. LOVE the minimal dress, and would cut a bitch for that cuff.

Rose Byrne: Another top three. This is almost perfection. I say almost, cuz I would have gone with a little bit more as far as a bracelet. Still, she looks amazing.

Robin Wright: I have loved her ever since her days as Kelly Capwell on Santa Barbara, but I CANNOT with that short hair on her. She is a gorgeous, gorgeous woman, and I actually love this dress, but I just feel like that hair is doing her no favors.

Sarah Hyland: Looked SO PRETTY on camera last night, but in this photo, that makeup is way too dark. Still, love the dress, love the jurreys.

And now for the Va-Va VOOOOOM portion of the night...

Sarah Silverman: Personal Best. In a $60 dress, no less. Freaking gorgeous.

Tina Fey: Hubba hubba!! Love this on her. Her boobs look spectacular.

And the Honey, NO....Award goes to....

Zosia Mamet: This dress makes me sad. Cuz when they did the camera scroll-down, I actually loved the print - it really is truly gorgeous. But that boob bib/shield thing R-U-I-N-E-D the rest of the dress. What the F#$K?!!! Seriously. I want to know. What IS that? What is the purpose? Is it a sleep mask for her breasts, holding down a lobster bib? I DON'T GET IT. Can the designer please kindly re-make this sans boob bib? Please and thank you.

So let's hear it, kids. Who did you like? Who did you hate? Who made you clutch your pearls in shock and awe?

Happy Monday, yo!



Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Agreed...that last dress could have been stunning. What a shame she needed a bib.


Susan Howell said...

I love Elisabeth Moss dress! Great outfit...

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