Friday, September 13, 2013

Random (p)Inspirations: I'm Falling For You

....falling for you...get it? Cuz we're (hopefully, please Mother Nature?) moving into fall and away from these damn 100 degree days (pretty please????). So I'm sharing some of my favorite autumnal (p)Inspirations. Well, becept for this first photo.

Which is just plain old gorgeous. Rudolph Nureyev. I tore this photo out of a magazine and taped it in my closet when I was in high school. My parents weren't thrilled with it, but at least it was a change from the Duran Duran posters that were literally hanging from my ceiling because there was no more wall space. 

Can't you just smell that bonfire? 

Cozy wozy.

I am in dire need of some plaid for the fall. Preferably plaid wool skinnies and a shirt or three. I saw a plaid shirt from Anthropologie or someplace similar online the other day for something insane like $98, and I was all, hmmm...I could probably hit up the thrift store and get 100 plaid shirts for that price. Ridic. Or for those of you who don't thrift, I can tell you for a fact you can score a brand new plaid shirt at TJ Maxx for $16. Saw them there yesterday. BAM. You're welcome.

Apparently I also need a large vest to wear with a tee and leather skinnies. Who knew?

Tomato cobbler with rosemary gruyere biscuits? Um, OKAY.

That watercolor wallpaper is the JAM.

Don't you just want to throw yourself on the floor in this room and spoon that dog? No? Just me? Oh well....

Have a fantabulous weekend, kids!



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