Monday, July 1, 2013

Well Hello My Name Is Simon....

...and I love to do drawrings...

This is a daily conversation in our house:
Any of my Kids: Mommy, can you draw me a picture?
Me: Ugh. Do I have to? What do you want?

Kids: I want you to draw me, Bubby, Sissie, Daddy, and You. And we're all siding down a rainbow and eating lollipops, and Pickles (our cat) is there with us, and you can see our bunk beds behind us, but there are three bunk beds, not just two, and Alvin and the Chipmunks are with us too, and they are dancing on a moonbeam and you can see Saturn and Jupiter also.

Me: Can't I just draw something easy, like a ladybug?

Sigh. I used to love to draw.

...just for my peeps, here's a little Monday treat back when Danny DeVito was  young and hot. Enjoy.

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Tee/Pants/Shoes: Target
Bracelets: F21, Gifts
Earrings: World Market



Zahra Sandberg said...

Hey! First off who is BUBBY? that was my nickname growing up. Unless its grandma. Secondly love the Simon reference, and totally laughed out loud to it!

Can we talk about your outfit! It is so adorable! Are the pants the same print as the top?


MerciBlahBlah said...

Ha! Bubby is how my kids refer to the boys - they're both Bubby, and Scarlett is Sissie. For a long time I think she thought that was really her name.

Thank ye kindly, mamacita. My pants are kind of a faded tie-dye print. I just thought they worked with the palm tree print. Note to self, though - they are WAY too tight to wear a day or two before my lady time, if you catch my drift. OY VEY.

Bloaty McPooferson

kane looks for forex training said...

You are looking great and the dressing style is nice.

Rachel said...

I love the story about how you are forced to draw on command! :P Quite believable. I think as kids we used to order our mom to tell us endless stories of the bad things she did when she was a kid. That was our favorite way of being entertained.