Friday, July 5, 2013

Random (p)Inspirations: Summertime and the Livin Is Easy

First things first: if anyone can tell me how to link directly to Pinterest like I USED to, that would be awesome. Since they changed their format, I can't figure out how to insert the code to show the pics you're seeing below that link directly back to my Pinterest page. what I'm trying to say is all the photos below are pics I have pinned to various Pinterest boards. Durrrrr....

As an aside - as I'm typing this post, the cat is draped dramatically in front of me, staring at me like he is Rudolph Valentino. It is very disconcerting. Now on to bidness. 

Here are some of my latest favey faves a la Pinterest. Hope you enjoy!

Duh. Of COURSE I'm going to start with a California print.

OHMYHELL - I made these shredded chicken tacos with grilled peach salsa and kale topping for our Fourth of Joool-eye dinner last night and they. were. amazing. Thank you, AintNoMomJeans, for the recipe (and the photo above).

Also made these fried caprese salads to go wif. Um, Y-U-M.

I am going to go on record and say this Strawberry Sour Cream Pie is what summer tastes like. So fresh, tart, sweet and delish - and incredibly easy to make. I HIGHLY recommend. P.S. - Pinterest, you are REALLY harshing my mellow by making me go to each page to find the link I need to link back to.

And speaking of harshing my mallow - see how I did that? - we went ahead and made s'mores for the kiddos. No, that's not my pic - it's Pinterest. RAWR.

For the NO DOY files - I made this strawberry lime agua fresca and then forgot to serve it. No matter - we'll have it tonight.

Nothing says cool summer chic like a shark tooth necklace. This one from Capwell is DOPE.

And these from etsy? YES PLEASE.

Summery artwork courtesy of Lisa Golightly...

and Nancy B. Westfall...

...and imgspark...

Happy weekend, yo!!