Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let's Make A Deal


Those of you who follow Ye Olde Blogge through Google Friend Connect? I'm tawkin to you...

If you would kindly switch to Bloglovin' to follow little ole me (see top left of page), I will gladly share some eye candy with you.


Super Candy:

Candy with Dimples:

I'd Like To Be In the Middle Of That Candy:

Guh...drool....having trouble putting together a coherent thought candy:

Old School Candy:

Newer Old School Candy:

So. Now that we have THAT out of the way, pease to click on Bloglovin and follow MBB. Pease???? And thank you.



Paula said...

Well, good morning candy with dimples! Now, I'm officially awake!

Courtnee said...

Oh sweet cheezus...Jake Ryan!

Zahra Sandberg said...

lolol! This is just what I needed today! Now I can start my day with a smile :)

Following you on Bloglovin! Can't believe I wasn't already!