Monday, May 13, 2013

Vacation??? I THINK NOT.

Since I don't have any OOTD photos racked up from "vacation" last week, I need to ease back into blogging. And let me clarify that by "vacation" I mean "a trip we took that wasn't relaxing AT ALL."

Here's a fact for you to chew on: anytime someone tells you, "We have a futon/blow up air mattress/really comfortable bed you can sleep on when you come visit," THEY ARE LYING. Or they have no idea just how horrific their futon/blow up air mattress/really comfortable bed really is.

For instance, once when we visited my sis, Tom and I slept on her futon. The first morning after we woke up, neither of us could stand up straight. Seriously sis? It was like sleeping on a feed sack. HORRIFIC.

And just this last week, when visiting my brother-in-law in Washington, we had the misfortune to sleep on a blow up air mattress for a week. Oy vey. Aside from being freezing cold on an air mattress, you can't sit on it without immediately sliding off (which I did on approximately three occasions), or bouncing your bed partner out of the bed.

The second morning that we were there, Gavin came in and asked, "Mommy - why are you sleeping on balloons?" I WISH I KNEW.

My brother-in-law assured us prior to our visit that "our air mattress is really comfortable." LYING BASTARD. Have YOU slept on it? I highly doubt it, or you would stop pawning it off on innocent out-of-towners.

Aside from a few trips into beautiful downtown Spokane (particularly the Riverfront area, and I am being completely serious about that), to quote a line from an old Ben Stiller movie, Keeping the Faith, our trip was "...mostly horrible with a few brief moments of excruciating agony." Let's just say we were in the midst of a lot of family angst, gross pre-teen boys doing gross pre-teen boy things, and the sassypants to beat all sassypants (my niece). 

The awesome part of that last thing? Was that anytime she was sassing her parents, my kids started dancing around her and shouting, "You are a sassypants! You are a sassypants!"

I HOPE to return you to your regularly scheduled blog post tomorrow (if anyone is still out there...hello??? hellooooo????)

In any case, happy Monday, yo.



Natasha said...

SASSY PANTS! Sorry your vacation - wasn't. See you Monday!!!