Tuesday, May 14, 2013

25 Things, Part 1.

Imma tell you 25 things you may or may not know about me, and I'll do it in two parts, because I realized that makes for one helluva long post. Maybe you want to know them, maybe you don't. You've been warned.

1. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom and play solitaire on my phone.

2. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom and eat chocolate covered potato chips.

3. I think farts are funny. Unless I'm at work (and even then it's situational), yoga, or making eye contact with a stranger in the grocery store.

4. I have an irrational fear of swimming in pools after dark. For fear they might have sharks in them which I cannot see. I told you it was an IRRATIONAL fear.

5. Words that I loathe: smegma ('nuff said), and corned beef (in fact, this phrase is so vile to me I can't say that I've ever actually EATEN corned beef because the name of it skeeves me so).

6. Favorite songs: I can't narrow the list to just one song, but I can give you a handful: Feelin Good, by Nina Simone (and I'm going to out myself and admit that the Pussycat Dolls' version is a CLOSE second. Michael Buble can take his version and stick it where the sun don't shine). I also super duper giant puffy heart Against All Odds by Phil Collins, Edge of Seventeen, by Stevie Nicks, and the entire soundtracks for Garden State and The Last Kiss. If I were forced to pick just one CD to be stranded on a desert island with, it'd probably be Garden State.

7. My favorite article of clothing: Come ON - that's like asking me to pick my favorite child. Plus it changes continually (also like my favorite child). But if you were holding a plate of corned beef up to my face and forcing me to eat it, I'd probably say FOR NOW it's my black leather motorcycle jacket that I scored on consignment a few weeks ago.

8. My favorite child: That's easy - it's...

You didn't REALLY think I'd put it in writing, did you? What if they hit up the Sylvan learning center or Evelyn Woods' speed reading course over the summer and learn how to read on the sly? I'd hate for them to see it in this post. Besides, like I said above, it changes all the time. I don't want any of them to get too comfortable in my love for them. Keep them guessing, I always say. Not like Scarlett, who will tell me to my face that Daddy is her favorite. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, AND YOU'RE TO BLAME...

9. Favorite place in the world: If you don't know by now that it's Laguna Beach, you don't know me AT ALL.

10. Favorite food: Oooooooh, that's a toughie too, but I do loves me some Indian food. And tapas. And sushi. And Christopher Elbow chocolate. But the best thing I ever put in my mouth (HEY - WATCH IT) - was fois gras brulee at a restaurant called the Watermarc in Laguna Beach, which, because of the ban on fois gras in California, I will sadly not be able to have anymore. OH THE HUMANITY.

11. My favorite one-hit-wonder? That's easy peasy lemon squeezy - it's Come On Eileen, by Dexy's Midnight Runners.

12. I LOATHE blow-up air mattresses.

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Jacket: Macy's
Dress: TJ Maxx
Shoes/Arrow Necklace: Target
Longer Necklace: World Market
Earrings: Standard Style Boutique



Rachel said...

Yeah, the swimming pool thing is certainly irrational, but we all have our thing! I've never, ever heard of chocolate covered potato chips as a snack....personally, I prefer french onion dip with my potato chips...