Monday, April 22, 2013

Three Things and Then Some

Three things: 
a) Ya'll are going to get sick of seeing this jacket, but get used to it, cuz it's my new favorite thing, and as long as it's still cool enough to wear it, Imma wear it.

b) Why am I dressed like it's winter here? Cuz it was 40 fucking degrees this day, which is WAY TOO COLD for the back-end of April.

c) Exactly what kind of shirt are you WEARING, Shan, I hear you asking? I'll tell you, and Amy and Natty Lite will back me up - only the most COMFY sweatshirt in the known universe. Seriously peeps, Amy found it in the sleep section at TJ Maxx - it's Cynthia Rowley, and I encourage you to post haste to your own Maxx and pick one up if they still have them. It's like wearing tiny, magic little kittens all over one's body.

Other random stuff:

THANK YOU BOSTON POLICE. You rock. I was waaaay too obsessed with news coverage on Friday, and even tried to listen to talk radio in my car for coverage but the shit that was on the radio was, well, shit, so I had to turn it.

Seriously - Reece Witherspoon got a DUI??? Who'd have thunk??!!!@!

As my friend Carrie said on Facebook - "she really IS one of us..."
(well, except for the run in with the law and boatloads of money and the "Don't you know who I AMMMMM???!!!!" to the police, but other than that...)

Jacket: Consignment
Sweatshirt: Cynthia Rowley, TJ Maxx
Jeans: F21
Boots: Zara
Scarf: Gift



Courtnee said...

This outfit is so bad ass I almost hate you! I thought the Reese Wiherspoon thing was some kind of Internet hoax because when did Reese turn into Brit Brit circa 2006ish?!