Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Schmandom

First, we're gonna take a trip in the way-back machine and reminisce, and then I'm going to talk about something completely different, and then I'm going to bitch about a craptastic tv show. Let's do this, bitchez.

Speaking of baseball tee's, let's chat about the one I scored at the T-Shirt Shop circa 1980-something. It had red sleeves and a photo of Tom Selleck ironed onto the front. I'm pretty sure I hit up the SpacePort arcade after I picked that bad-boy up.

Awwww YEAH.

When I was single and ready to mingle, I had my share of dates with kooks courtesy of the online dating pool, but one of the worst was a blind-date setup that had nothing to do with online dating – a guy who worked at the Lay’s Potato Chip plant in the area, and he picked me up wearing his Lay’s jacket – subtract points for that – and then proceeded to talk about his ex all night long and how much he loved drinking – and that was that.

At what point should I be concerned about my kids' imaginary playmates? Their names are Boney's Blood and Barfy the Clown. I can't make this stuff up, jive turkeys. Well, I COULD, but with the wealth of material at my disposal everyday, I don't have to.

Do you ever watch a show that you have committed to for almost an entire season, and by "show" let's say it is "The Following," and realize that every character is the biggest dumb-ass you have ever seen? And you hate them so much that by the episode just before the season finale, you WANT said characters to die? And you vow that once you see said finale, you will NEVER watch said show again? 

Yeah, me neither.

EDITED to add: Kevin Bacon, you're better than that.

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Tee: StyleMint
Skirt: Consignment
Shoes: Target
Necklaces: World Market
Bracelets: F21



J Ciriello said...

you are hilarious and i love this outfit. the leather pencil skirt is bad ass and i love the raglan tee with it. also love your kids' imaginary friends' names. my kids don't have imaginary friends yet but i know the day is coming.

check out my post when you have time. found you through style sessions link up

Natasha said...

Guuuurrrl. Your huur looks guuuuud in that profile shot.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

ha ha! Couldn't agree more about The Following. I was following...until it started to hurt my brain because it was just so ridiculous.

Your kids are hilarious and those shoes are killah.


Courtnee said...

You're kids make me laugh! I have like 8 episodes of The Follwing on the dvr. Should I jump ship?

Nikki said...

This. Outfit. Is. AMAZING! Ridiculously so good.
Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

Zahra Sandberg said...

wait I want to hear more about the date!

So I love how you paired the baseball tee and the skirt and my favorite heels EVER! I am eternally grateful for you introducing me to them.

Have a great day!


MerciBlahBlah said...

J. - why THANK you! I will check you out directly. I mean, check your blog out.

Natty - of course, it's not as good as yours, but then, no one's is.

Suzanne - it IS ridiculous.

Courtnee - don't even waste your time, mama. It's SO not worth it.

Nikki - awww shucks - you so sweet you just gave me a toofache.

Zahra - thank you! It was a total ripoff of someone else I saw on the interwebs, becept she was wearing a lace pencil skirt with her baseball tee.

My Thrifty Chic said...

I saw that you are linking up with Lauren's Style Sessions. I'd love for you to check out my blog hop as well, if you haven't already.