Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The REAL Real Housewives

Here I am in my big fat fake fur last week (when I took these) because we got ANOTHER damn 10 inches of snow.

The good thing is that tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 50 degrees, so hopefully the giant fucking mound of snow at the end of my driveway AGAIN will melt. The driveway that I spent THREE HOURS shoveling over the weekend? Yeah, that one. And why did I shovel it by my damn self? A) Because Tom REFUSES to shovel, B) Because Tom was out of town all weekend which means I was snowbound and stir crazy with my kids for 5 days, or C) All of the Above. If you chose C - YOU WIN. You can pick up your new Chrysler Cordova in front of the mess hall today.

You know who probably NEVER has to worry about shoveling 10 inches of snow? The Real Housewives. Of ANY city.

Nope, they just shovel OTHER stuff (like a bad shoe line, tacky extension, 15 pounds of makeup, and all the Mrs. Roper caftans they can carry). HEY-OHHHHHH!!! I say this like I am not GLUED to the TV for every episode (well, except for Atlanta, Miami and New Jersey). But back to my original point, the amount of bullshit that is shoveled in that show is INTHANE in the membrane - Kyle Richards, I'm looking at you.

Still, I love it. I hate it. I can't wait for Orange County to start, even though just the commercials of Vicky bellowing WAHOOOOOOOO wear. me. out. Seriously, lady, how old are you? Enough with the junior high shenanigans. Awww, who am I kidding? If they didn't have THOSE, I wouldn't watch.

Vest: Rachel Zoe for QVC
Shirt: JC Penney
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Thrifted
Short necklace: TJ Maxx
Long Necklace and Rings: F21
Belt: ????
Earrings: Laguna Street Vendor



Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I have yet to watch an episode of any of the Real Housewives but now I think I need to.

Spring apparently is on strike this year. I feel for you and the shovelling. On the bright side your fake furry vest does look lovely : )


Courtnee said...

I love me some BHills housewives! and the reunion was too good! I've never watched OC{too much plastic, too many blondes}but I may have to start because I've given up on Atlanta and NJ

Love the vest!

dreamingincashmere said...

Hilarious again!! I love this, that vest is out of control chic!!! I need your help to win a little contest I'm in, will you please help me & spread the word?:) I would really appreciate it!