Monday, March 4, 2013

Random Stuff That Happened

Finally decided on and got our new rug:

If our room is ever picked up during the day, I'll take a photo from real life. Don't hold yer breath. Also got three new ivory vinyl barstools, which someone promptly marked on with a blue ballpoint pen. RAWR!!! If anyone knows a good remedy to remove ballpoint pen from vinyl, now would be a good time to share it.

Got to spend some quality time with my homegirl Natty Lite this weekend, which included shopping at Donna's Dress Shop, a feast at an Indian buffet, and we finally, FINALLY made it down to the West Bottoms to go thrift/antiquing at Good Juju. Kansas Citians, if you have never been, GO. What da HAIL are you waiting for? It. Is. AWESOME. I found a large architectural sign letter that I have been wanting forever. There is so much to see in and around Good Juju, if you are the thrifting sort, and there are food trucks all around. It really is a cool vibe, even if you're not in the mood to buy anything (though with all the stuff I saw, I don't know how you could walk away with nothing). Happens the first weekend of every month. GO.

Also bought this makeup on the recommendation of this lady:

It's pricey, but so far, me likey. If you're wondering, I got #127. 

And because I am SOOOOO sick of snow, I also got this:

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

Okay - it wasn't this EXACT shirt, because for some reason Target doesn't have mine on their site, but I may go back for this one too. Mine is pink with a beach scene on it. And I also maaay have gotten this:

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

I know - we're no where NEAR summer here. It's just wishful thinking.

And finally? Someone mentioned this song on Facebook this weekend, and I can't get it out of my head. I love it:

 I feel somewhat sacrilegious for not posting Charlie Daniels' version of this, but dayum if this one isn't amazing. Zac Brown always reminds me of Zach Galifianakis, which makes me giggle. In any case, you're welcome.

Have a fartastic Monday.



Jess said...

Did you try to use a mr.clean white sponge eraser thingy, I cleaned ink pen off a baby doll with it once, worked well.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Ooooh, no, but I will try. Thanks for the suggestion - fingers crossed....

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Yep, I was going to suggest a Magic Eraser! Should do the trick.

Zahra Sandberg said...

I recently started using Makeup Forever HD as well and I love it. Just make sure you use the primer and finishing powder for the best effect. I could tell the difference immediately in my blog pictures!

Hhehe Zach Galifanakis...


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Did you just put a bikini in my face? HA! It's cute though. :)