Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ode to Bill Murray

I don't remember if I saw Ghostbusters, Meatballs or Caddyshack first, but whichever it was, I fell in love with Bill Murray. It was probably Meatballs, because in my opinion, he was at the height of his Murray-ness then. A smart-ass, hilarious, cool CAMP COUNSELOR  who stuck up for the nerd? What's NOT to love?

But then there was Ghostbusters, when he was a smart-ass, hilarious, cool scientist who chased ghosts? Sign me up.

Or Stripes, when he was a smart-ass, hilarious, cool dude who doesn't know what he wants to do in life and joins the Army. Do I sense a pattern repeating here?

We all know Bill Murray may not be the most handsome fellow, but in THIS guy's opinion, he is way sexier than, say, Brad Pitt. Call me crazy, but I will take the smart-ass funny guy over the hot guy any day of the week. I can't BELIEVE I haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, but that will be remedied toot sweet, I can assure you.

So please, folks, join me in the love-fest for Bill Murray, and tell me your favorite Bill-ism, or movie, or quote, or whatever. Let's share the love.

And because I love you so much, I give you...Bill F&*king Murray:

And because I love Bill Murray so much, Imma give you one more:

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Karrin said...

Love me some Bill Murray! Ghostbusters, Scrooged, What About Bob, Groundhog Day...the list goes on and on. Did you see Zombieland? Funny movie and Bill Murray was perfect. Not for kiddos, though.

MerciBlahBlah said...

YES. Loved Zombieland. You can't go wrong with Bill AND Woody Harrelson.

Natasha said...

I believe the very first Bill Murray movie I saw was Groundhog Day. I don't think I can pick a favorite but did you see Lost in Translation? A HUGE departure for him but a great movie none the less! mmmmmwah.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Natty - Yup, saw it. It wasn't my fave (Tom HATED it), but it was still interesting. Another one along that same line was Broken Flowers. Amazing cast - Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Frances Conroy, Jeffrey Wright, along with Mr. Murray. Very quiet, sometimes poignant, sometimes funny movie.

Zahra Sandberg said...

I have a love hate relationship with Bill in What about Bob! I get so annoyed with him, but I can't NOT watch it whenever it is on. I once watched it twice in one day!But my absolute fave is actually Kingpin, where he plays the sleezy big Ernie McCracken!Link to a pic below-

Have a good day!

smk053078 said...

You are so crazy and I love it! But, I must disagree...Bill is far from HOT!!! LOL!!! And your comment today made me laugh!! Have you thought about stand up?? ;)

JP Lord said...

I can't, I can't tell you my favorite Bill Murray movie because I love them all!!!! He's amazing! He's magnificent! And i love this outfit.
found via the linkup!

oomph. said...

i love the guy, too. freaking HIGHlarious. groundhog day and scrooged and what about bob...but i REALLY liked him in lost in translation.

love your tee, btw. my son has been all about star wars (legos) lately.
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Limefreckle said...

I loved him as Todd with Lisa Loopner (Gilda) waaaaaay back in the day! I agree that he's hotter than Brad Pitt (not that crazy about Brad anyyway) The funny, whitty, sarcastic guy ALWAYS wins out to the good looks in my opinion!

dreamingincashmere said...

Groundhog Day was a favorite of mine. I love your Star Wars tee!!

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Caddyshack, Tootsie, Rushmore! I love Bill so much one of my cats is named after him (Murray)!

Jacqueline said...

What's not to love with Bill Murray. Groundhog day was my favorite.

Shana said...

I've seen t-shirts that say things like "Mrs. Timberlake". Hmmmm....I think you a Mrs. Murray perhaps...??


My little-girl crush was on Luke Skywalker. Natch.

Scrash said...

Love (did I say "love"? I meant "LOVE") Bill Murray. One of a kind, baby.