Thursday, March 28, 2013

Great Horn Spoon!

Holy schnikes, I read the funniest article thanks to Girls of a Certain Age.  It's ten old-fashioned swears that we NEED to bring back. I am the first to admit I have a potty mouth. It is the HARDEST habit to break. Tee hee....I said HARDEST. 

Methinks I might actually have a chance to break that habit if I start applying the helpful old-fashioned swears the article suggests (and even MORE if you read through the comments). Please do yourself a flavor and read the article - it's soooo funny. Here they are, as well as a few others. Let's take this movement to the streets, people.

1. Bejabbers!!

2. Consarn!

3. Dad-Sizzle (as in, "Dad-Sizzle it!")

4. Thunderation!

5. Great Horn Spoon!

6. 'Snails!

7. Gosh-All-Potomac!

8. G. Rover Cripes!

9. By St. Booger and all the Saints at the Backside Door of Purgatory!???!!!

10. By the Double-Barrelled Jumpin Jiminetty!

And here are a few of my submissions for your consideration:

11. In the Name of Zeus's BUTTHOLE! (or The Nicolas Cage)

12. GREAT ODON'S RAVEN!! (The Will Ferrell)

...and The Scooby Doo's:

13. Jinkies!

14. ZOINKS!!

15. Jeepers, Fred!

and the random...


Puh-leeeeze, peeps - jump on the bandwagon and share your own personal favorite "non-swear swears." I need all the material I can get!

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Karrin said...

Schnikees! Its from Tommy Boy, if I remember correctly. My mother doesn't swear at all, but when she hurts herself she'll say ouchdangsonofabear--its become a thing in our family. Thanks for the new words to add to my vocabulary. I'm sure people won't look at me all crazy-like when I start using them.

Karrin said...

And I just realized you actually used schnikees in your post, so I'm officially an idiot. Consarn it all! How about dadgum? Can I switch mine to dadgum?

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

My Grandma used to be great at this. I don't remember all the longer ones she used to say but often she would just curse the first letter. Like, "oh H!!!!"

I don't think it would satisfy me though LOL.


Renee said...

The ones I use the most are Shitake Mushrooms, Oh Fudgesicle, Great Mother of Pearl, Cripes, Crazy Peter Sucker. I have more but these are the ones I mostly use. LOL

Jenn said...

Cirque du so lame. Although I really want to start saying "By St. Booger and all the Saints at the Backside Door of Purgatory!" because I'm already pre-laughing at the look on my husband's face when I bust it out.

Sarah Summerlin said...

Heavens! Or, even better, Heavens to Betsy! No idea what that means, but my mother says it. I keep wanting to incorporate it into my vocabulary, but it hasn't happened yet.

dreamingincashmere said...

haha!! I actually use "jeepers" on a regular basis! My kids repeat things I say so I have to be so careful! I'd love your votes in the Wallis contest, pop over to my blog for details:) Have a lovely weekend Shan!