Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Carpet Recap: Vanity Fair Party Rip - GO

Second verse, same as the first, this time the Vanity Fair post Oscar par-tay couldn't be worse. No, really, it could NOT be worse than the blah-fest that was the Oscar dresses. Fo realz.

NAOMI WATTS FOR THE WIN. Not only did she have one of my top three dresses at the Oscars, that futuristic sequined column, but she time-traveled back to the 70s and attended the VF party in this Studio 54 fan-fucking-tastic dress.

My second fave? Maria Sharapova. Who knew?

I love Jennifer Lawrence SO. MUCH. after all the Oscars hubbub. She looks a-mazing in this dress.

Amy Adams FINALLY wearing something I didn't hate.

You just don't get enough Juliette Lewis on the red carpet these days, and I, for one, am ALL for her being there. I love her, she brings the crazy when necessary, and looks damn adorable in this dress.

And speaking of crazy, Elizabeth Banks only looks 20% crazy with this hair. I am ambivalent about the dress, though I whole-heartedly support that belt.

Hailee Steinfeld, usually I love, if not at least appreciate what you do on the r.c., but this?  No...just...NO.


Perennial girl crush Kate Beckinsale looks adorable, as usual. Duh. 

I can dig the vintage vibe of the dress Leslie Mann is sporting, but in the end, don't think she's pulling it off.

This dress, howevah, on Miranda Kerr, is 1940s screen goddess in her peignoir at her glamorous vanity in her Hollywood dressing room perfection.

Huh, Marisa Tomei is wearing a sheerish beaded pantsuit. Three words that should never go together, and yet somehow, she is pulling it off. I love her.

Ya'll know Imma sucker for a sparkly sequined column dress. Minnie Driver looks uber chic.

...and Amy Poehler looks like she got shagged in the limo on the way over. 

WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE????? I LOVE Catherine O'Hara, but this is a TRAVESTY.

Look. I think I've said this before - I love Emmy Rossum since seeing her on Shameless. She is the anti-Anne Hathaway. But this...this....milkmaid hair HAS GOT TO STOP.

I don't know who Irina Shayk is, and I don't mean to be crass, but it looks like her labia exploded.

Debbie Downer. I mean Zoey Deschanel. I CANNOT with this.



Marie a la Mode said...

LOL Love your comment about Irina!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

LOL! I totally agree with the last two comments. Eeek! What the what???


whitley hamlin said...

Oh Dear! You nailed it for me!! This is my favorite, most agreed review to date! I want Leslie Mann's dress, but you know this! Yes, Jane Fonda is the queen. Seriously... Maria Sharavopa... you hit them all!!