Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Questions

1. Does anyone have any funny books they can recommend? Seriously. The last several that I've read have been about death or illness or a journalist being arrested and wrongly imprisoned in Iran. I need something silly and lighthearted. PLEASE.

2. WHY is it that 99% of the naked men on Californication are revolting, and ALL of the naked women look like Victoria's Secret models? Come ON - throw a sistah a bone(r). Pun intended.

3. How come when my husband finally agrees to purchase an area rug for our living room I am suddenly unable to make a decision on the final one? Arrrggghhh!!!

4. Why, in the original photo above, did my eyes look like I had been smoking weed for about a month? Thank you, ipiccy, for the eye brighten feature...

5. What is UP with this heartburn I've had the last day or two? Oy vey - it's like I'm pregnant all over again. I am NOT, I can assure you, having just completed my Fun Lady Time.

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Jacket: Thrifted
Tee: Hand me down
Pants: Target
Belt: ????
Necklace: Charming Charlie's
Boots: Mango
Earrings: Standard Style Boutique



Sarah said...

Have you read any David Sedaris? Some of his humor can be kind of dark, but it's all hilarious. Me Talk Pretty One Day is my favorite.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Fun Lady Time. I never refer to mine as that!


MerciBlahBlah said...

Sarah - I HAVE read some Sedaris. Don't love him as much as I love Augusten Burroughs, but he IS pretty funny. Thanks for the reminder!!

Suzanne - Of course, by "Fun lady time," I mean "horrific cramps and excessive bloating" time.

SGM said...

Anything by George Saunders is funny but it does have a dark undertone. But funnnnnny. And brilliant. Give yerself a little taste by googling Semplica Girls. It's a short story of his in the New Yorker. I think all he does is short stories. I love his writing. Talk about boner.

You look beautiful as always, my Shan.

Object of Maya*ffection said...

OMG - you KILL me! You are seriously funny! I just found your blog thru WIWW! YOu have supa fab hair!!