Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm not going to have any OOTD posts, possibly at all this week, cuz we have been digging out from Blizzard Part Deux (aka Snowmaggedon, aka Snowpocalypse, The Revenge). Nope, there's not much fashion going on at Casa De Blah Blah, but there IS a plethora of sweatpants and tee shirts and snow suits (OH MY), as well as some Blizzard Baking and sore muscles from shoveling and shoveling and shoveling. Let's look, shall we?

Bit of baking after the blizzard last week dumped 10 inches on us. And by the by, to all my FB friends who update "Come ON snow! Wishing for snow! I love this snow! Snow is beautiful!" STOP. IT. I mean, snow IS beautiful, but couldn't we limit it to the period of time from say, just after Thanksgiving to New Year's? When it is days away from March, I am WAY over it. Here's the view out our front door over the weekend, when some of the snow had melted:

...and here it is after Son of Blizzard dumped 10 MORE inches overnight Monday:


My happy Gavie snow-doodle.

Guh. This pic of Scarlett kills me with cuteness.

Simon and Scarlett on top of the snow fort the neighbor kindly built.

Building our first snowman. What you don't see is that about 2 minutes after we built it, the boys plowed it down. Sigh. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE NICE THINGS????

Love this pic of Scarlett, even if I am NOT wearing makeup. Blech.

Yes, the snow is REALLY that deep. It is RIDICULOUS. And here are a few pics over the weekend (and one from Valentine's Day). Cuz you haven't looked at enough yet. Ahem.

Simon is always very proud about getting himself dressed, which he did this day. To which Gavin promptly responded, "I don't like those clothes - they're DEEEES-GUSTING." He has no CLUE that camo is THE SHIT this season.

Gavin with his Valentine's Day sucker.

...and at lunch over the weekend. Simon declared "Gavie looks like an elf in this picture." Oh the cutes.

Mommy (WITH makeup) and Gavie. 

Okay - that's it for now. Gearing up for round two of playing in the snow today!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Carpet Recap: Vanity Fair Party Rip - GO

Second verse, same as the first, this time the Vanity Fair post Oscar par-tay couldn't be worse. No, really, it could NOT be worse than the blah-fest that was the Oscar dresses. Fo realz.

NAOMI WATTS FOR THE WIN. Not only did she have one of my top three dresses at the Oscars, that futuristic sequined column, but she time-traveled back to the 70s and attended the VF party in this Studio 54 fan-fucking-tastic dress.

My second fave? Maria Sharapova. Who knew?

I love Jennifer Lawrence SO. MUCH. after all the Oscars hubbub. She looks a-mazing in this dress.

Amy Adams FINALLY wearing something I didn't hate.

You just don't get enough Juliette Lewis on the red carpet these days, and I, for one, am ALL for her being there. I love her, she brings the crazy when necessary, and looks damn adorable in this dress.

And speaking of crazy, Elizabeth Banks only looks 20% crazy with this hair. I am ambivalent about the dress, though I whole-heartedly support that belt.

Hailee Steinfeld, usually I love, if not at least appreciate what you do on the r.c., but this?  No...just...NO.


Perennial girl crush Kate Beckinsale looks adorable, as usual. Duh. 

I can dig the vintage vibe of the dress Leslie Mann is sporting, but in the end, don't think she's pulling it off.

This dress, howevah, on Miranda Kerr, is 1940s screen goddess in her peignoir at her glamorous vanity in her Hollywood dressing room perfection.

Huh, Marisa Tomei is wearing a sheerish beaded pantsuit. Three words that should never go together, and yet somehow, she is pulling it off. I love her.

Ya'll know Imma sucker for a sparkly sequined column dress. Minnie Driver looks uber chic.

...and Amy Poehler looks like she got shagged in the limo on the way over. 

WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE????? I LOVE Catherine O'Hara, but this is a TRAVESTY.

Look. I think I've said this before - I love Emmy Rossum since seeing her on Shameless. She is the anti-Anne Hathaway. But this...this....milkmaid hair HAS GOT TO STOP.

I don't know who Irina Shayk is, and I don't mean to be crass, but it looks like her labia exploded.

Debbie Downer. I mean Zoey Deschanel. I CANNOT with this.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Red Carpet Recap: Oscars - Let's Do This.

Man, when I was uploading my picks for best, worst, and everything in between, there was a whole lotta non-color, blah dresses. I guess we should just get to it. Here we go, in no particular order.

Except for Stacy Keibler, who hands down won the night. Holy schnikes - this is frigging perfection, from the 20s waved hurr to that dress. That aMAZing dress. Unbelievable.

Nicole Kidman, love the unusual color and pattern on this dress, and her hair is soft and pretty. Love love elll ohhh veeeee eeee the jurreys too.

Naomi Watts. She purty. The dress is weird and cool and beautiful. Love it.

Love Sandra Bullock in this too, even though you can see through the bottom, which I typically LOATHE. Still, she looks gorge, and possibly like her face has settled a bit, so she's not quite so plastic-botoxy. Good on you, Sandy.

I have no idea who Alicia Vikander is, but I love her dress. Love the color, and love that thin gold belt.  

Charlize Theron - BROUGHT. IT. Dayum, I may have to move her to the top of my Girl Crush list.

Helena Bonham-Carter - All right - enough of this shit. We know the crazy wackadoo Vivienne Westwood schtick is your thing, but enough is enough. Your hair looks like a rat's nest, and this dress looks like the handkerchief challenge from Project Runway Rejects.

And now, the award for the PUH-LEEEEZE Wear Some Color on the Red Carpet for the love of Zeus is a tie between....

Amy Adams (DUH) - but don't you LOVE the creeper in the background in orthopedic shoes????


Jessica Chastain! I have to say, though, that the more I look at her dress, the more I like it - and it was way better on camera than in a photo, I just wish it didn't match her skin so closely.

Jennifer Lawrence. Hmmmm....just....hmmmmmm....

Kristin Chenowith, your hair and makeup is so severe that I cannot get past it to properly critique what you're wearing. Plus, you were HELLA annoying on the red carpet, talking to people as they came in. WE GET IT, you are petite. Now shut yer pie hole about it.

Melissa McCarthy - unfortunate. I love her so much, and wish she had a stylist who would put her in something that locked and loaded, as Stacy and Clinton like to say. This just looks sloppy, and the hair is ridiculous.

Speaking of rititulous - Brandi Glanville - girl, you KNOW I love you, but that dress is about 2 seconds away from peep show. AND WHAT IS WITH ALL OF THE BLAH COLORS?????

Louise Roe, in dress by Dexter Morgan. Seriously. If you squint when you look at it, it's like she is bleeding out all over the place.

Olivia Munn, why are you there? Even though the creeper in the background seems to approve, she is one of those people on my Irrational Loathing list (along with T Swift, Anne Hathaway, and Katherine Heigel). And that dress? Is just dumb.

Maria Menounos, serving up Stepford Barbie Realness.

I don't know who this person is, but she is posing like this in LITERALLY every photo I found of her. Weird.

Zoe Saldana - ahhhhh, palate cleanser of awesome. THANK YOU.

Catherine Zeta Jones, resplendent in Cache prom collection.

THANK YOU! I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress.