Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stuff That Happened

Maybe in 2013 I should just title all my blog posts "Stuff That Happened," or "Shit That Happened," if said stuff sucked. I think I will. Way to reach for the stars, Shan.

Soooo, in the last week, here are a few things that happened. On Christmas, my sissie gave me a gift card for Zara, so I could order these boots FINALLY.

Becept when I went to order them, guess what? THEY WERE FRIGGING SOLD OUT.  Oh cruel irony. Did that stop me though? No, NO IT DID NOT. I searched high and low and found this very excellent substitute from Mango:

It's a good thing I ordered them when I did, because it looks like these are sold out now too. Thanks to ThankFifi for JUST featuring them on her blog. According to the email I got last week, they will be delivered this Friday, so WOO HOOO. However, I'm not counting my chickens until I have them on my feet, just in case. 

But what did you do with the Zara g.c., Shan? You're probably asking. Well I'll tell you - I ordered a pair of jeans (probably in a size too small ESPECIALLY now that I've eaten my face off in the past few days), and a pair of sequin pants. I'm not sure I'm going to like the sequin pantalones though - reserving jeedgement until I put them on. If they ever send me a confirmation email, that is, to tell me when they are going to frigging send them. COME ON, ZARA - get it together.

And also? This happened:

This is actually the SECOND time a limb has fallen on our swing set - the first happened a week after Tom put it up last summer. Nice. I guess God doesn't want us to swing in our backyard. 

Took these yesterday when Scarlett and Gavin went outside with me for about 5 minutes. Then we all realized it was colder than a proverbial witch's tit in a brass brawr and came back inside. Amy was kind enough to point out, after seeing the pic of Gavin on Facebook, that I may have just solved the problem we have with Gavin CONSTANTLY grabbing his weiner. Mittens!!! Thanks Amy. And for real - if any readers out there have boys who are OBSESSED with their dangly bits, please reassure me that it will get better (or at least, more discreet). And speaking of dangly bits, I never thought I would have to say the following sentence, but I did this weekend:

"Simon - get your weiner off of that teacup!!!" While it's not quite "All Weiner, All the Time" with Simon like it is with Gavin, he has his moments too. And apparently, at that particular moment, he felt the need to hold his stretched out weiner around a toy teacup  just before getting into the bath. Sigh. Can I interest anyone in a tea party at Casa de BlahBlah? No? HMMMMPFH.



Sheree said...

Well I am glad after your lat e-mail that you found boot you like..sorry I am not done with mine Manolo's yet..I doubt you are a 10 anyway!
I am surprised Zara hasn't sent your stuff yet..mine usually come sin literally 2 days!
My son's penis grabbing is off and on but advice yet..not my favorite activity of his!
Happy New Year my love
Did you see my new Brain Atwoods on my blog today?????? Talk about!
sheree xxxx

pyjammy pam said...

I saw a woman wearing sequin pants on NYE and thought of you. And took a picture, natch.

I'm still constantly saying "get your hands off your junk!" so i don't know when that ends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon

Had to laugh at the weiner comment - as a mum of 2 boys, 1 a very mature 12 yr old, and the other 9, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn't get any better and they are no less discreet about it either!

Julie x

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