Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Sh!t

I'm sure you are looking just as forward to the 23rd as I am, when I stop blogging about Circle of Mom's Top 25 contest. I've WAY slipped in the rankings, but I'm committed to it now, so stick with me. Only 2 more days. You can vote here. Please and thank you!!!

Sooooo, stuff that happened since we last met? My kid fell asleep on the stairs. Not the landing at the top of the stairs. Ohhhh nooooo, on a step almost near the top. Like, if he would have rolled over in his sleep, he would have rolled all the way down the stairs. Dude. If you need to come down to my room in the night because you're ascairt, come ALL the way down. Silly boy.

Read some fairy tales to the kids this weekend and changed the characters' names to their names. Rapunzel ended up changed to Gavina. A while after reading "Gavina Gavina, let down your hair," the kids were off playing in the other room. Simon suddenly pipes up and says, "Gavina, Gavina - let down your weina." I am sorry, but I could not HELP but crack up. They didn't SEE me laughing, but that shit was funny. 

My horrific diet of the last few weeks is at Def-Con 4. If you have some healthy snacks you love, puh-leeze share them in the comments. Oy vey.

Please settle a debate between the husband and I: area rug over carpet - yes or no? I say yes, he says no. We currently have a zebra patterned rug over carpet in our living room, and both the area rug AND the carpet are horribly stained. We really need to just get new carpet installed, which we will do eventually, but I also would love to find a large oriental rug to replace the zebra with, to bring some more color into our room. And also - has anyone had luck getting a rug on Craigslist? Buying used furniture via Craigslist is one thing, but carpet  is something else. It's a little icky, like buying shoes at a thrift store (though I HAVE done that, but still, I'm always a little skeeved about it). Thoughts? Annnnd....GO!

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Tee: Zara
Leggings: Love Culture
Boots: Zara



ColoBoxer said...

Rug on rug - yes! Rug on Craigslist - no. Icky. You never know what's happened to it or on it. Ask Gravina with the...

whitley hamlin said...

Voted again! :)
You rock please come look at today's post! (proud and excited :)

ZxM Style-Squared said...

very stylish!!!

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