Friday, January 25, 2013

Random (p)Inspiration

What's that you say? Random (p)Inspirations for a Friday? Let's do this.

I have come to the realization lately that Indian food is my favorite, with Spanish tapas a close second. I think it's high time to attempt butter chicken. 

And a mango lassi to go with. Duh. If anyone out there has some delish Indian recipes they want to share, now would be the time.

There's really nothing to say about the above photo other than GORGEOUS.

Now THAT is layering your jurreys like a pro.

I never knew how desperately I needed a skull to hany my jewelry on until I saw this photo. I am officially on the hunt. OPINION TIME: to hang this on the charcoal grey wall in my bathroom alone, or inside an ornate gold scrolly antique frame? Answer in the comments - GO.

Straight up 1970s patio perfection right there.

I'm also on the hunt for an oriental rug. I LOVE the mix of hippie chic with regency and even a bit of mid-century mod here.

And now for something COMPLETELY different. I was listening to this last night and totally started crying. NO - not because it's country and I typically hate country music. I LOVE the Dixie Chicks. This song just takes me back to another place and time in life, and family, and possibilities, and adventure, and makes me sad and nostalgic. Wow - way to bring a party down, Shan. What can I say? It's a gift. 

Happy Friday, yo!


Karrin said...

Could it be? Twins again? I hate country with a passion, but I do make some exceptions. Dixie Chicks would be one of those. Thanks for the Friday pick-me-up!

Oh, yeah, go for the framed skull. Classier. ;)

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Although that skull is kind of creepy I also kind of like it. I hope you try out what you suggested.


dreamingincashmere said...

I love Pinterest!! I just wish I could get all of those hours back sometimes, you know?:)

Zahra Sandberg said...

You can get skulls like that from Zgallerie and I think anthropologie used to have some but they are really easy to find! I love the idea of inside of a frame.

Also, Butter chicken YUM! My favorite. I just had it last night after a really long time! With some tandoori naan...nothing better.

Have a great day!


MerciBlahBlah said...


Zahra - it sounds so gross to say this, but i have actually looked on Craigslist for longhorn/steer skulls. They aren't cheap! I came across a ton of them last summer at a garage sale and they were priced at $150. WHAT DA HAIL????!!!! On the non-gross side, my butter chicken on Sunday was ohhhh so delish, and easy too. That is going to become a regular in my rotation, because the kids liked it too. The mango lassi, on the other hand, was not a hit. I think I added too much cardamom. Not QUITE as good as my favorite Indian restaurant's lassi. Sigh.