Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My poor Gavie Doodle Noodle has been a little puny for the last couple of days, running a low-grade fever with a hacky cough.

I KNOW something is up when all the kingpin wants to do is lay on the couch, poor little man.

Last night, in the middle of the night, he woke up screaming, and I ran up the stairs, adrenaline pumping, stumbling with sleep. He was burning up, crying, and inconsolable. I brought him downstairs and tried to find out what was wrong - did he feel bad? Was it the fever? Did he have a bad dream?

FINALLY, today I got him to tell me that he had had "a scurrrry dream." He wouldn't elaborate, and I tried to get him to talk about it, thinking the monster might go away if he told me about him. No such luck.

He didn't want to go to bed tonight, saying he was afraid of more scurry dreams. I reassured him that mommy and daddy were always there to protect him, and would never leave him in his room alone if he was having a bad dream. There were hugs and kisses and songs and books, and just before I left, he said, "Don't leave me up here by myself all night."

Thus far we have been lucky that we haven't dealt much with nightmares, and hopefully this is a passing phase. I'd love to hear from anyone else out there who has dealt with them, and what you did to reassure your little ones. Anyone? Anyone????

Sweater: F21
Tank: Target
Brawr: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Earrings: World Market


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stereo Jungle Child

I don't know why this outfit reminds me of Scandal's The Warrior, maybe it's because the orangey red is the same color that's in her jacket in the video, or maybe it's that the pants scream 1984.

No matter - I love it BECAUSE it screams 1980s. Apparently lately, someone has two thumbs and can't get enough of the open-weave sweater craze, and it's this guy. Seriously - I picked one up at F21 a month or so ago, and then saw this sweater a few weeks ago on Old Navy's website (it comes in this color, lime green, navy, ivory, and charcoal). My local store didn't get it in until last week, and I had to get it.

And the pants? LORD HAVE MERCY, the pants. I tried them on eleventy five times at Target and finally cracked and got them. I know, I know the saying goes "if you lived through the trend the first time, don't partake the second time around," but if loving you is wrong, leopard print pants, I don't wanna be right.

I'm gonna wear the shit outta these things until they come back around again. Of course, if time is any indicator, I'll be 72, and damn hell that is a DEPRESSING THOUGHT.

Well I suppose if Jane Fonda can look as good as she does at 72, anything is possible, right?


Ugh. On that note, I'm gonna go pop a Geritol and hit the sack.

I'll leave you with a little treat first though. You're welcome.

Sweater: Old Navy
Pants, Tank: Target
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Cuff, Earrings: F21


Monday, February 27, 2012

After Par-tay: Wack But Wonderful

Let's check out some Oscar's after party dresses, yo.

Elizabeth Banks, I have loved you ever since Wet, Hot American Summer, and this is no exception. Of course, sadly, I'm pretty sure this dress does not come with an optional "fart track" like the DVD...OR DOES IT????

Nina Dobrev - those cutouts on an otherwise plain dress are crazy. CRAZY FABULOUS.

Who else is serving up crazy? I have no idea, but she's wearing it on her hip. I know they're weird, like barnacles hitching a ride, but I don't care. I still love this dress.

What else do I love? Kate Beckinsale - just not in this thing. Seriously. It's camo! It's cutout! It's illusion netting! It's WHACK!

Which brings us to another Kate, in different illusion netting, and lady bits camo. Strangely enough, I like this. I really, really like this.

And finally, RZ bringing up the rear with a palate cleanser of a look. Simple, chic, with stunning jewelry, of course. Ahhhh, refreshing.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Red Carpet Recap: Acadamy Awards 2012

Were the Oscars a SNOOZEFEST this year, or was it just me? Seriously. Even the dresses didn't thrill me like they usually do. Still, I've mustered up a bit of WHAT WHAAAAAT for a few of my faves, and of course, some what da HAIL for a few others.

The Good:

Hands down my favey fave of the night. Rose Byrne is Studio 54 fan-fucking-fabulous in Vivienne Westwood.

Stacy "The Elf" Keibler runs a close second. How could she not? She LOOKS like an Oscar statuette. That gold lame Marchesa is purrrr-fection.

Emma Stone sealed her place in my girl crush lexicon with her adorable performance with Ben Stiller. And is she actually ginormous, or is he really Tiny Dancer? Love her fuchsia chiffon be-ribboned frock.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen - she does not always knock it outta the park, but this dress is gasp-worthy on her.

I was originally going to put Gwyneth and Tom Ford in the Meh camp, but the more I looked at this, the more I loved it. It is completely striking and different from anything else, which I love, and I love that cuff she's wearing, dammit, so home-slice is in the Love column.

The Meh:

Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka looks gorgeous - it's the hair that keeps throwing me off. I LOATHE that color. From the neck down? She looks stunning.

I cannot STAND the way Michelle Williams usually dresses, so this Louis Vuitton is a nice change from the cutesy girlie stuff she usually does. I dig the tomato red on her.


Angie Jo in Atelier Versace. Her hair and makeup were GORGEOUS, but two things - WHY DID SHE STAND LIKE THIS ALL NIGHT????, and would someone please PLEASE make her a sammich?

I was so on the fence about the Armani Prive gown that Ellie Klemper wore. I wanted to love it, but couldn't. I do LOVE the color, and that it matches her hair (though I wished her bangs weren't quiiiite so long), but something in the boob area is just a wee bit wonky, which drove me nutso. Ah well. 

Natalie Portman in vintage Dior. Hear me now and believe me later when I tell you that at high school prom, Lynn Dutoit wore almost this exact same dress, except it was tea length and with a black crinoline underneath it, and it is possible that she also wore black lace fingerless gloves with it. No, no, wait - the black lace fingerless gloves were MINE. Still. The red and black polka dots were DEFINITELY Lynn's domain. I look at Natalie and expect to hear "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight," at any moment.

The HELL????

Meryl, the entire world knows you are an amazing actress, so the Taylor Swifting you do when they call your name as the winner is just slightly disingenuous and COMPLETELY ANNOYING. STOP IT NOW. You are lucky that your acceptance speech made me tear up, although that could have also been because I was forced to look at your golden bathrobe and mother-of-the-bride hurrdo. Seriously, woman, there is no excuse for that.

and one more late entry to the THE HELL category?

Nancy O'Dell, in dress by French's Mustard, hair by Brian Setzer.

Sooooo, who were YOUR faves? Least faves? Share. This is a safe place.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Cutie Mantle In da HOUSE

Some of you may recall Banana Mantle 2011. Well now - you'll THRILL to Cutie Mantle 2012. I mean. Banana Mantle is SO last year. Apparently we cannot keep a bowl of Cutie Clementines around without The Trips peeling about 27 in one day.

Note I did not say EAT 27 in one day. Ohhhhh NOOOOOO. That might not be wasteful enough for this crew. They like to peel them, pull the segments apart, line them up obsessively, and then leave them to dry out.

You can see the lone survivor of the carnage just above my head to the left.

It's pitiful.

And because I feel sorry for him, he'll probably sit up there until he dries out and I have to throw him away too.

That's the way we roll, people.

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Jacket: Vintage, Estate Sale
Tank, Shoes, Bracelets: Target
Pants: Zara
Necklaces: Vintage, garage sale; F21


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not Again...

I don't mind telling you that this combination of asymmetrical sweatshirt and leather jacket is my favey crockett right now. In fact, I maaaay have worn this exact outfit a few times over the weekend.

I suppose that admission, however, is pretty mild compared to yesterday's case of the vapors.

Something else I'm going to admit, just for my cousin Holly, who laughed and called me Mary Katherine Gallagher when I told her this today, is that when I get a burst of adrenaline, my armpits get itchy. True story. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets this.

And in the spirit of FULL DISCLOSURE, ya'll, let's just put all the cards on the table. I'm thinking of working with a personal trainer recommended to me by a friend. The trainer is offering a helluva deal right now - if you work out with a small group, he charges $10 an hour. The problem (if you want to call it that)? Is that he is gorgeous. Like, Bob Harper/Dolvett Quince gorgeous. I just don't know if I can work out with someone who looks like that.

It's not that I care about him seeing me all sweaty and gross, it's more the itchy armpit thing. I don't know if I can work out for an hour with itchy armpits, and God FORBID I am doing squats and fart. Lord have mercy, I'm itching just thinking about it.

Annnnd for the second day in a row, we have digressed into flatulence.

My apologies. I'm hoping I'm full of less hot air next week.

Jacket: Newport News
Sweatshirt: Loft
Jeans: T.J. Maxx
Boots: Old Navy
Shirt: F21
Necklace: Threadsence
Earrings: ABC Trading Co.
Belt: HellifIknow...


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am having massive cranial flatulence (aka brain fart) because I can't think of a damn thing to write about. Seriously. I swear, some weeks I feel like I am writing ten posts in one day because I have so much on my mind.

I am totally blaming it on the fact that Aunt Flo dropped in for her monthly visit just yesterday, that bitch.

I'm bloated as hell, eating like I have a tapeworm, and farting like I've been eating nothing but beans, cabbage, broccoli and prunes for two weeks.

Or as I like to refer to it to The Hubs, "I think I have a touch of the vapors," to which he gets thoroughly disgusted. WHAT??? You don't wanna hold that stuff in. It could be dangerous.

Sigh. How sad is it when I have nothing to say I resort to bodily functions? The lowest form of entertainment. Just bear with me for another few days. Maybe by then I'll have something more important to say. OR NOT.

Sweater, Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Necklace: F21
Earrings: Clothing swap


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scenes From A Weekend


Scarlett, Mommy and Simon

Took a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart yesterday to get some big boy beds, and loooooved this artwork.

The remains of the Pink Champagne Cake I made for mom's birfday. Gooood....

Nailhead trim dresser? I think I love you.

I know this pic is blurry and obviously whack, but I still love it.

'Nother crappy photo, but I don't care. This grey leather nailhead trim sofa? GORGEOUS. The chocolate brown velvet chair behind, and that cut wooden piece on the wall ain't too shabby either.

Light? MWAH.

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