Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 10 of '12

I did this last year (wow, what a difference a year makes - it's kind of cringe-worthy to go back and look at oneself, which is a little nutso to say for someone who does OOTD shots on their blog 90% of the time). ANYHOOZLE....thought I'd give you my top ten favey faves for 2012 to wrap things up here on ye olde blogge, from oldest to most recent. If anything, this little exercise just shows me that I need to go back through my damn blog every time I think I don't have anything to wear (rather than, you know, going shopping). Durrrr.... You can click each date below to go to the original post if you so desire.

March 7:

Wow - I was much more colorful at the beginning of last year. Was all that neon from 2012, or did we time travel back to 1983?

From April 4:

Hmmmm...I need to pull this one back out and wear it again.

April 18:

And look how adventurous I was with my hurr - TWO ponytails in one month's time????

June 5:

Easy, Breezy, Wear to Worky on a Friday.

August 20:

ANOTHER pony???!!! What has happened to me towards the end of this year? Where is my adventurous hair spirit?

October 2:

This one is so easy I can't believe it's one of my faves, but it is.

October 9:

I give you The Most Comfortable Sweater In the World.

November 26:

Take THAT, Axl Rose.

October 30:

I really wish I had a pair of faux leather skinnies that did not stretch out when I wore them, but alas, I do not. I guess that's what buying a cheap pair gets you. 

December 3:

I cannot believe this ended up being my favorite outfit of all the year, but it really did. The other thing I learned from doing this post is that the simpler my outfit it, the more I ended up liking it. And that I also could have included about eleventy five photos of me in a graphic tee, jacket, and skinnies - I think that's my official uniform. But I tried to find more of a variety to share. Do you have a uniform? Share. This is a safe place. And speaking of safe - have a safe and HAPPY New Year, kids. I'm so glad you share part of your time on the interwebs with little old me.



Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I agree, the last outfit was my favourite too. Sometimes I think that the photo and how we feel in the photo is why we choose one outfit over another.

I enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to reading your daily observations and Shannanisms : ) in the New Year.


Paula said...

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year, Shannan!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Suzanne - thank you thank you thank you! And a great New Year to you too!

Paula - HEALTHY being the key word. Happy New Year to you too!!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

They are all great. I have really enjoyed your casual chic style on this blog. I really like April's sweater.

Peggy said...

great pics! i would have included your fox sweater dress/w plaid shirt and your skull sweater as my picks too! happy new year!

Lady of Style said...

Great style, Shannan!
I love the October and December outfits most.

Keep on and I am looking forward to your future posts.

Much love from Germany,