Friday, December 7, 2012

Random Thoughts

That Maple-Bacon Glazed donut seemed like a good idea at the time yesterday when I was at Price Chopper picking up a few items. It still seems like a good idea this morning. Guess it's a good thing I got two of them. Breakfast of Champions, folks.

Doc who is sticking a needle in my neck for my biopsy yesterday (aka One-Toofed Hobo Vampire, according to Amy Bo Bamy) - please don't get upset with your nurse because you feel she did not get you a large enough needle "I don't care if it says it's a 23-gauge! I wanted 25!" Let's all just keep calm while you have a sharp, pointed object in my neckular region. Maybe I need to come up with a new poster: Keep Calm and Use A 25 Gauge. It could be the next hipster thing.

Coffee - I love you (but I think we've already established that). You are especially tasty with my Maple-Bacon glazed donut. HEY - I JUST got why cops love you both so much!!!

New studded black smoking slippers - why are you trying to kill me? Why can't we just be great together?

Friday - thank you for being you.

Jacket: JC Penny
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Pants: The Garment District
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Long Necklace, Rings: Charming Charlies
Cross Necklace: Standard Style Boutique



Sheree said...

Hello my "muse" (did that make you feel better?)..hehehe
My mom brought over pastries last night and I had two canoli's and an's not for breakfast but still! Pastries get me every's the Italian in me!
Loving the white, gold and black combo!
Sheree xxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Love the gold pants!

Glad the test is over. I also had a super uncomfortable test done this week, for the second time. Not fun at all, and I get to go back in 6 weeks to do it all again! Joy joy. I hope your results are negative.

I'm sure that donut was yummy!


Everythings Always Sunny said...

adoooore those pants, you look amazing!


Zahra Sandberg said...

Hold on- Price Chopper? That brings back memories from my college days in Albany. Love your look especially those pants! Do you have links to wear you bought them?? They are perfect winter/holiday/fancy pants! Have a great weekend!


study at desk said...

you looks beautiful in the dress you wear, i like your hairstyle :)

dreamingincashmere said...

Beautiful outfit! I love the metallic pants!! Breakfast of champions for me is a chocolate donut & a Diet Coke.:)

silvergirl said...

hi there
i just came across your blog while perusing last months ebew
enjoyed scrolling through and look forward to coming back often
the pants you are wearing in this post are amazing by the way
have a great weekend

goodbadandfab said...

What a fab blog. I love it!

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