Thursday, December 27, 2012

Purple Rain

Things I have forgotten how to do as of late:

1. Write this blog on a daily basis, apparently. 

2. Get my ass to the gym more than twice a week. Seriously - what happened to the days of going on my lunch hour at work to lift? They have become extinct, that's what.

3. Hold my liquor. Or champagne. Cuz on Christmas day, someone had two thumbs, three mimosas for breakfast, and was sick for the rest of the day, and it was this guy. LIGHTWEIGHT.

4. Control myself around food. This item and number two are going to be SERIOUSLY resolved in about a week. I'm debating giving up sugar. Gulp. That's a heeeee-youge thing for me, since I am an admitted sugar addict. Anyone else love sugar like a fat kid loves cake who has successfully given it up? Wanna give me a pep talk? THEN DO.  

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Blazer: NY&Co
Shirt: Stolen from the hubby
Pants: Love Culture
Boots: Libby Edelman,TJ Maxx
Scarf: Gift



Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I think we are all guilty this time of year for being lax when it comes to taking care of our bodies.

Good luck on giving up sugar. I don't think I could do it. I tried to give up milk products one year and that lasted about 2 weeks.

Glad to hear you seem to be back to health : )


Zahra Sandberg said...

I could probably give up sugar, but alcohol has sugar so that would never actually happen in real life for me. Good luck though!

I think my resolution will be to stop making resolutions! I won't be dissapointed if I dont try, right? jk

I am really digging this look - because I love the longer shirt skinny pants or leggings combo- plus those shoes are so adorable!

the Queen City Style said...

Girl, you are not alone. I am eating left over Bavarian Apple/Cranberry Torte that I made, as I type this. Cut my run in half today and think I might be a wino... Get the holidays over and behind us!! However, you look gorgeous... especially in that second photo. Love the jacket. Thanks for my card sweets :). Please look at my post for today... think you will like :)