Friday, December 14, 2012

Heart of Glass

Blondie has been on my mind lately. Since I picked up the Blondie tee at Forever 21 (and wore it below), I have just been thinking about her. About the good old days when I would spend the night with my best friend Jacquie Long in the sixth grade, and for some reason we always ended up hanging out in her older brother's room - who was never home - looking at his dirty magazines and listening to Blondie.

(Of course, his dirty magazines consisted of National Lampoon's, which might show a nekkid boob now and then, and we didn't understand the jokes, so in the scheme of things, they weren't TOO bad. Not like my friend Kim, whose dad had REALLY dirty magazines - like Penthouse and Hustler and mail order bride kind of magazines, and for some reason always kept them near boxes and boxes of candy in the garage, so of COURSE we had to look at them.)

But I digress. Jacquie and I (who went to K Mart together to buy my FIRST rock record - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy for me, and I Will Survive for Jacquie) used to listen to Heart of Glass overandoverandover.

 And I'm pretty sure we made up all kinds of dances to go along with it, cuz that's how we rolled in the sixth grade. I was always making up dances to something, and then forcing my parents to sit through the show (complete with costumes).

So in honor of Blondie - Mz. Harry if you're nasty - I thought I'd leave you with a lil music for your Friday. Take a trip in the way back machine with me. You're welcome. 

Merci! Shan


Sheree said...


Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I love her. My husband is a HUGE fan of hers. Sigh...a step back in time...

I used to make my parents sit through shows too! LOL


oomph. said...

love me some blondie. definitely some good times were had listening to and singing her music!


Maria said...

damn she's beautiful, i still love blondie too

the Queen City Style said...

These are some gorgeous photos of DH. Thanks for sharing...I can totally see you loving her. She is so hot (like you :). Hope you are feeling better this weekend!! Lots of love... Whitley