Friday, November 16, 2012

Stuff to Do - aka I Die DIY

Here's my goal, starting this weekend, I want to try to tackle at least one DIY project a week. There are so many things I've pinned (here and here), that it is time to get off my arse and get bizzy. My PROBLEM is that I am a procrastinator to the epic degree. I mean, none of the projects below are rocket science, but I have this mental block that if I don't start a project, I can't, well, f$ck it up. Stupid, no? Anyhoozle - I'm putting it out here today. If I don't have a post on Monday with some photos of something from the list below, call me out on it.

Studded army jacket

(Okay, maybe not quite that studded, but you catch my drift)

Studded trench

Skull tees - two: one with fabric paint, one with bleach pen

Don't know how well you can see the tee, but that is a quick and easy DIY paint job with fabric paints

Not the above design, but that's just so you get the ideer. I want to do a Day of the Dead type skull. 

Leather cuff

New fall/winter painting for the mantle

Metallic cap toe shoes

So what's on you own DIY to-do lists? Share. This is a safe place. Have a great weekend, yo!



Sheree said...

You have to get.make that blah blah print..amazing!!!!!!
I don't DIY cause everything I do comes out looking like my son did it when he was 2..I am the antithesis of Martha Stewart!
Sheree xxx

Le Petite Moustache said...

I have NO idea why you don't have more followers... I've only read 3 of your posts and I love your blog already...and no, not in a "generic copy and paste this to a bunch of other blogs" way... I seriously mean it...frickin hilarious!... and I'm slightly biased because of this post... I am beyond lazy, I kinda just wish I could make all these DIY clothes with the power of my mind day we'll have created a technology for that... and that day will be EPIC!


MerciBlahBlah said...

Le Petite - awwww, thank you so much!! So glad you found the blog - stick around - I hope you continue to enjoy it!!