Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick Peek

Okay - I'm posting a craptastic photo just so you can see that I am in the midst of my first DIY, and that I did not flake out on it. Can I just say OUCH??? Those studs are little bastards. They are slippery as hell, and hurt like a mofo. 

Sadly, this is all you're getting for a post today, cuz guess what? I had a sick kid AGAIN this weekend. This time stomach crap couldn't be worse. Or could it. I'm writing this Sunday night, and have been up with Gavin since 4 a.m. barfing about every 20 minutes. He FINALLY stopped around 1 p.m., but has been puny all day long. I actually think he has so much sinus drainage that it made him completely nauseous. Anyone else ever dealt with this? I pray to God that he is better tomorrow and that NO ONE ELSE GETS IT. 

On that note, may you have a barfless Monday.



Sheree said...

SO sorry hun..sounds like your kids get sick WAYYYYYY to often. Stomach issues are the worst! My kids always get ear infections when they get something..but definitely no repercussions of that..not like a stomach bug..yuck!
Hope he is doing better this morning!
Sheree xxxx

Sheree said...

omg totally forget to say I LOVE the DIY...great one to start this look!

Renee said...

Sorry to hear your kiddos are sick again. I think I posted this before but make four thieves oil and diffuse it in your house. It really works, I hardly ever get sick and my sisters kids never get sick anymore. Plus at this time of the year it makes your house smell like Christmas. :) There are tons of recipes but do the essential oils one and you don't have to wait four-eight weeks for the herbal one to blend.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Sheree - thanks for the compliment, and I KNOW it seems like my kids are sick all the time, cuz they ARE. It's driving me crazy. I guess that's what I get for feeling cocky on Saturday (I was all - Hey - no one has been sick in a week and a half, and then BAM).

Renee - Okay - I'm going on my lunch hour today to pick up my essential oils. I hope I don't have to spend an arm and a leg on them, but if it keeps us healthier, so be it!! For anyone interested, here is the link to the four-thieves recipe that I found online - YUM:


Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Don't feel like your kids get sick all the time, because my girl does too. She's home with me today with a fever and stomach issues. She gets the barfs when she has too much drainage too, so we have coughing until yakking and it's one big ol' partay. Plus we just finished about a month ago with yet another allergic reaction to some antibiotics. Sometimes it's just hard to deal. I'm hoping that this crap clears up by Thanksgiving. I mean it's pretty much a given in my house that she'll get sick on a holiday and/or when my husband is out of town. yeah....

MerciBlahBlah said...

Jenny - it totally de-stresses me (a little) to hear that other people have kids sick a lot too. Part of me knows it's just the way life is for a while, until their immune systems are built up, but part of me wonders if I'm doing something wrong. I'm going on my lunch hour today to get the essential oils Renee suggested above. After doing some reading on Four Thieves oil, I'm beginning to wonder why EVERYONE doesn't use it!!!

I hope your little one gets better for Turkey Day!!

Paula said...

Hope everyone is much better and that it has been a barfless Monday! We have the same sinus drainage/nauseous issues at our house this time of year as well - and it sucks. At one point the allergist had my daughter on nasonex and prevacid to help with the drainage. Hang in there, Shannan.