Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stop. Pooping.

In the words of Chris Traeger a la Parks & Rec, I LITERALLY wore this outfit all weekend. True story.

In other news, I have a sick kid AGAIN in Casa da BlahBlah. It has been all diarrhea, all the time, since Thursday. Then yesterday? Fever. 

Today? The pukes is on the menu. This is exactly how we ALL ended up with the stomach bug just about a month ago, when I ended up passing out into the toilet

I'm starting to wonder if I should sprinkle holy water (and Lysol) all over my house. Perhaps a sage ceremony is in order???

I guess we have been lucky to have gotten to 4 years old before having this much illness, and I THINK it's because we have been taking The Trips out more lately than ever before (not to mention just starting preschool is probably a prime culprit). 

I would LOVE to hear from any of you with more than one kid, and how you avoid passing the crud around multiple times. Is this just something we're going to deal with until their immune systems are built up a bit (i.e., after the first year of school), or do I need to look into hiring an exorcist?

Oh, and you may have seen this here many moons ago, but I thought it was appropriate again:

Sweater: Old Navy (clearance last year)
Jeans: Hand-me-down from my sis
Boots: Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Tank: Wal Mart
Earrings: F21



Renee said...

OK, this may sound a little granola crunchy for keeping the sickness at bay. LOL
We diffuse thieves oil for about 24 hours once a week. Then we put thieves oil (diluted with a carrier oil) on the bottom of little feet at night with socks on. We buy all this stuff at Mountain Rose Herbs website. Right now they have a special on their diffuser too. :)
We also drink smoothies with local raw honey (only after they are one or older) this helps with seasonal allergies.
I take Probiotics and drink Kombucha tea and never have any problems.
Also this lady has a good website on how to stop it naturally once it starts.

Paula said...

Yuck! Hope the Trips get better soon and don't pass it on to you. We usually quarantine the sicko to their room or bathroom and give them a bland diet until they are healthy. Of course, hiring an exorcist might be easier. Good luck!

Kristina said...

I LOVE your boots. They're so cute.