Thursday, September 27, 2012


We had a fantastic trip to Baltimore last week to visit my sis and her family. The kids flew on their first plane ride like champs, and aside from being stuck flying American Airlines (who I am pretty sure have a new slogan that goes something like - "American Airlines - NO ONE is ruder than us...") there were a few highlights in our actual travel, like meeting a serviceman coming home from Afghanistan who, in line at the ticketing gate, took a shine to the boys because he was going home to his own twin boys (age 6). He was so sweet to them, and went through security ahead of us. We had to stop so I could take Simon poop (because anytime we're in a hurry is a GREAT time to take a poop), and when we FINALLY got through security, the serviceman had waited there for us to give each of the kids a twenty-five cent exchange certificate. It brought tears to my eyes. Also, the two flight attendants on our leg home between Dallas and Kansas City were I am almost positive Cam and Mitch from Modern Family. Loved. Them.

So here are some of my favorite snaps from our trip. Hope you enjoy them!

One of our first days, and we took the kids to Down's Park. They got their first glimpse of the beach while we were there.

My sis has a giant trampoline. What you're viewing above is a little known Baltimorian trampoline tradition. Or just kids being weird. I swear, I think I had as much fun as the kids jumping on the trampoline (or tramping, as I liked to call it), every. single. day. Behold, the evidence...


Our dessert for dinner one night - from left to right, Toscano dusted with cinnamon, Italian truffle, and triple cream cheese. We had them with raw honey, FUCKING COOKIE BUTTER FROM TRADER JOE'S, dates, and apple slices. I also had this same dessert every subsequent night that we were there. Holy. Shit.


Tom and I on the night of our pirate adventure. I know - that's a whole lotta plaid...

Grandma and her little pirates...

...and some big pirates...

The Hulk and Ironman throwing a little swag on a late night Target run. Who knew the Hulk was a sucker for a mocha frap?!!

Miss you, Baltimore (or Wawamore, as Simon calls it). Miss you more, Sissie. Love love love, me.



Sheree said...

SO nice to see your whole family! You are all adorable! I love your son's paint splattered shirt :)
Glad you had fun sweets!
Sheree xxx

tracey said...

Nice Vacation Photos! Glad all went well!