Friday, August 10, 2012

Favey, Favey Crocketts!

As you're reading this, I am sleeping away in la la land while the doc checks ye olde poop chute for polyps. I know, I know - you're thinking "AGAIN with the poop chute talk???" And I say NAY. Just that one time. What I'm serving up today is a list of some of my current favey crocketts, so come along. Taste the rainbow.

New watch from Tar-jay. I have been wanting a man's style watch for like, 27 years now, and finally did it. I mean, I REALLY wanted the Michael Kors rose gold watch, but it's 250 smackeroos, and this one only set me back $17.99. Melikey.

Rockin one leg. JEALOUS???? (No disrespect to Heather Mills or Aviva Drescher...)

(There's always SOME kind of plastic toy laying around our casa)

My new coffee mug a la T.J. Maxx. Ikat tell you how much I love it. GET IT? IKAT TELL YOU??? And, and, annnnnnnd - it matches my vestie vest.

Ummmm, Favorite. New. Drank. EVAH. Republic of Tea's Raw Green Bush Tea in Orange Red Carrot. Sounds disgusting? Tastes DELICIOUS. Tons of antioxidants, AND it promotes fresh breaf. Think I'm kidding? I'm not. AND I WILL CUT YOU IF YOU ACCUSE ME OF LYING AGAIN. And finally? Just because?

Puttin out the vibe Lloyd Christmas style. Check it.

Tank: Wal Fart
Vest: The Limited, many moons ago
Pants: Target, even more moons ago
Shoes, Belt as  Bracelet, Watch: Target
Necklace: Garage Sale, vintage


Wish me luck on my colonoscopy results, ya'll. I'll be dreaming of you while the doc has a camera stuck up me arse.


SGM said...

oh stop with the jim carey butt, we officially love ALL OF THE SAME THINGS.

Good luck with the pooper!

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Good luck!

oomph. said...

i would like to have that vest. and that coffee mug! that tea sure sounds interesting! where do you get that brand??


MerciBlahBlah said...

Emily - was there ever a doubt in your mind? Come ON....

Becks - I don't think I can help with the vest, but the coffee mug I just got about a week ago, so maybe your Maxx or Marshall's still has em. The tea you can get at places like World Market, or various coffee shops (that's where I got mine). Some grocers carry it too. Good luck, cuz it. is. GOOOOOD.

Nicholl Vincent said...

you are a doll! and funny too!!

Have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!