Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Wish List

Ya'll, I prolly need more stuff in my closet like I need a hole in my head. Still, every year around this time when the temps FINALLY dip into the mid 90s, and there's that chill in the air (ahem), I start dreaming of autumn. Ahhhhh fall, with its crisp, mingled scent of apples, crackling fire, and bacon. Its leaves that crunch underfoot (though here in the midwest because of the intense heat, the leaves  dropped from the trees sometime in JULY, and seriously, our back patio already needs raking. I am not even joking. Ridiculous. BUT I DIGRESS. 

Imma share with you some of my fall wish list items, and IN MY DEFENSE, I'll tell you that my first stop to find the first three items on my list this autumn is going to the the thrift store. Wish me luck.

1. Black Leather Jacket

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

Life Regret Number Two (Number One being that I never moved to California. Sigh.) is that, when I was in high school, I put a black leather motorcycle jacket on layaway at Berman's Leather. It was DOPE. Bought and paid for it and wore it until the lining was practically shredded. Then, several years later, when motorcycle jackets weren't my thing anymore, I got rid of it. OH THE HUMANITY!!!

If I had unlimited funds (which, sadly, I do not, unless someone is reading this who wants to be my benefactor and gift this jacket to me), I would snap this jacket up from Zara in a hot minute. It is sick and wrong in its deliciousness and badassery.

2. Jeans jacket

Life Regret Number Three: See: Story about black motorcycle jacket. Substitute: Perfect Denim Jacket. Sads.

3. Plaid shirt

Ever since I saw Christopher Palu flaunting his bleach-dipped plaid shirt all over Project Runway, I've been hankering to try it myself, kind of like the shirt above, but minus the stupid crooked trucker's hat and vacant stare. And more like this:

So I've been scouring the thrift stores for the perfect plaid to bleach dip. Stay tuned for photos of the process once I find one, kids.

4. Scarf print pantalones

I have decided I need more pantalones in my life. Not actual pants, necessarily, just to use the word PANTALONES more. Just cuz it's fun. I also need these pantalones from Mango. Ohhhhh, Mango. I also need to find a friend named Mango, so I can say OHHHHH MANGOOOOOO.

5. Boots

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

Lookit - fall is synonymous with boots and booties, and I wanted a pair like the above all LAST year. Since they're still on my list, I need to strike while the iron is hot. And I'm not ashamed to say that Charlotte Russe has a pair very similar for about $40. Are they real leather? Hell no, but they have the same look, and I'm okay with that. Because I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, PEOPLE LIKE ME. Love, Stuart Smalley.

6. Coated denim skinnies

Coated denim is all over the place again this year, and what I love is that they look like skinny leather pants. Imma get some all up in my grill.

7. Burgundy lip

I have been dying to try this look ever since I saw Camilla Belle sport it at the Met Ball. Deffo not a summer look, but this lip is SOOOOO autumnal. In fact, all of her makeup is, and it's gorgeouso. Has anyone tried this lip? I'd love to know what color you used if so.

What's on YOUR wish list for fall? Let's tawlk. It'll be like buttah.



Steph K. said...

I am on the lookout for a brown leather jacket similar to what Carole was wearing on RHONY lately. Except who am I kidding mine will probably be pleather ;)

MerciBlahBlah said...

Oooooh, don't you LOVE Carole's wardrobe??!!!

Karrin said...

I had to throw out TWO pairs of boots last year, so I'm in dire need of replacing them. Definitely high on my list for fall.

Laura Go said...

oooh that leather jacket is just amazing looking! I love the embellishments.
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights


Nice wishlist - I would like to grab some items form this list too ;) The first coat is gorgeous! :)

Warm hugs,

PS. I'll be happy if you check out my new outfit. There's also a giveaway on my blog - you can win 40$ for shopping ;)

oomph. said...

i have been loving the dip dye denim shirts i've been seeing...never thought to try with plaid. LOVE it! maybe i'll give it a go, too, if i can find one!

there were so many comments/people that never tried a violet crumble!! they are missing out!!

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

I'm all in on the scarf print pants! Love the idea of the plaid bleached out shirt, my wheels are turning...

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I have the Moro and jean jacket and plaids but this is cool and now you are the ginney pig and get to do this and do a tutorial so other fashionistas can copy. I have been reading about fading colors in the sun lately.

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