Monday, August 20, 2012

Am I That Girl???

I read a post the other day on a new-to-me blog about That Girl at the gym. You know the one, she stands at the front of the class, who knows all the steps before the instructor does them, who is more pepped up than anyone else in class, who makes funny noises while she's working out, who looks like she lives at the gym? And sometimes? SHE EVEN STAYS FOR THE NEXT CLASS????!!!!

Well, aside from the looking like I live at the gym thang, I have a fear I may be That Girl.

(Yes, I know my veiny hands look like Madonna's, but it is only because I AM OLD)

Hear me out for a minute or two. While I DON'T feel like I'm over the top, per se, I DO love my Turbokick class, and I DO happen to stand in the front, but that is more because it has just become my spot, and I don't like to deviate from it. And because I'm excited to be there, I put forth my maximum effort at all times. 

And there HAVE been times that I have stayed for the next class after Turbo, whether it's Zumba or Final Cut (weight training). Or call me crazy, sometimes I even go early, so I can lift weights before Turbo.

But this has more to do with the fact that anytime I am at the gym, it means I have someone watching the kiddos at home (if it's not Tom), so I AM GOING TO SQUEEZE EVERY BIT OF GYM TIME I CAN OUT OF IT, and less to do with the fact that I am a gym rat. These days, gym time is a precious commodity.

And while I don't make strange grunty noises whilst working out (don't get me started on the dork giving himself a pep talk one time in my general vicinity while I was lifting weights - he was all, "You can DO this. You have never lifted this much EVER, but YOU GOT THIS," meanwhile, I was lifting more than him....BUT I DIGRESS). Back to what I was saying, I HAVE been known to count (along with the rest of the class) back to the instructor if we are counting down sets or something. What can I say? It keeps my energy level up (and burns a few more calories, if you must know). I ask you - IS THAT SO WROOOOONGGGG????!!! Even I, however, draw the line at a "WHOOOP! WHOOOOP!!"

And in the spirit of full disclosure, if I'm being completely honest, the people who drive me NUTSO (except for the Space Invaders who just stand TOO DAMN CLOSE and it's their own fault if I kick them in the head), are the people who half-ass their workout, because for one - you're being a buzz-kill, and two, you are taking up space for people who didn't make it into the class (yes, we have a sign-in system at my gym, and if you don't make the list, there are times you can't take the class). And don't even get me STARTED on the people who completely stop in the middle of class because they either don't like what the instructor is doing (I'm talking to you, girl who stands behind me in class on Saturday morning), or they find it too difficult. If it's a) I say - RUDE, and if it's b) just step outside your box A LITTLE, mmmm-kay????

So I don't know if I made my point - just that there IS a reason for my behaviors at the gym, and I hope they're not TOOOOO annoying to everyone else in the class. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to go have a three-way with two guys named Ben & Jerry, so rest assured, come next class period, you will find me front and center (actually, front and all the way to the right), and I may stay for TWO classes.

Jacket: Clothing swap
Tank: Wal Mart
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Necklace: Threadsence
Studded cuff: Charming Charlie's
Watch/Bracelet (Belt): Target



the Queen City Style said...

YAY!!!! I'm subscribed!! LOVE, LOVE this outfit. Why does every fabulous piece of garb have to be from Zara and there is not one near me?? Do you order from them on line or have one close to you> Those pants are totally kick A... the jacket, necklace, everything. I am with you on the gym rat thing too... We go to the YMCA. Childcare is built into the cost, so I am there 5 days/wk. This is my one opportunity to be all alone if I choose.... yippeee :))) You are looking good girl. Oh and btx--I am going to see Madonna live here in November. DYING!!!! Need to get to work on my outfit! Suggestions? Other than a lace white glove ;)

MerciBlahBlah said...

I feel you on the Zara love - they FINALLY established an online shop, so people like you and me can buy on the interwebs now. Yippeee!!!

Yeah, my sis always asks me why I don't just take my kids to the gym with me, but I have no doubt I would be the person they had to call out of class to take them to the bathroom 27 times (they don't take kids to the bathroom in our gym daycare), so I ONLY go by myself. It's my sacred space, if you will.

Oooooh, Madonna concert will require some level of thought on the outfit, cuz it has to be da BOMB. I'll ponder and get back to you.

Yay - so glad you were able to subscribe via email!!!

Mish Lovin' Life said...

hA! Love this :)

oomph. said...

i used to be a gym rat, meaning i practically lived there...but there weren't all these classes back then...just weights. hard core, i know, hehe!

i have since given up my gym membership. now i'm a....treadmill rat?! running like a mutha at 11pm.

i WANT those pants. trade you these for my leopard spiked loafers?! no, i won't be carrying these in the shop, but you can get them at


heidiluxe said...

love the pants.
and i have issue with people who are not dripping with sweat at the gym. i am kicking my own ass and i take it as a personal insult if someone is just chitchatting around me.
sometimes i am the whoop whoop girl too. it's the endorphins.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Heidi - I hear you, and don't even get me started on people who talk on their cell phones, or can leisurely read magazines or watch TV while they're on the treadmill on stationary bikes. If you can do any of those things? YOU'RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH...