Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I haven't done this in many a moon, but I am Totes McGoats sharing an e-mail with you in lieu (or in loo, if you're in Great Britain) of typing something, you know, ORIGINAL. I mean, I guess my email is original, but I think you catch my drift. So wivout further adieu (or adoo, if you're trying to rhyme with loo), here goes.

Soooo, Project Runway...did you watch it? What did you think?

Watched it. Unconventional week is probably my favey. I am always uh-mazed at what they come up with and this was no exception. 
Dammit if Pepe le Pew didn't make a cool checkerboard peplum dress. Pains me to say that. So many good ones, I thought.
Ven/Wen whatever is really clean and talented like Rami. He is good. 
The shark neckline dress was awesome. 
Grandma need to go.
BUT I am glad that Malibu Barbie is gone. Not that she doesn't look hella good for 48, but she I am pretty sure I don't think she is amazing as she thinks she is, like, fer sure. I know am forgetting some cool stuff. While not my fave in design, I really need Designer Spice to stay on there because she makes me laugh.

If you're new to Project Runway, or aren't familiar with the characters, this is Pepe le Pew (Ames and I like to come up with our own monikers for the PR characters, as you will see):

(Thanks Tom & Lorenzo for the screencap...)

I thought the Tiny Russian's dress was far and away the best. It actually looked like a dress (but maybe that's because I could see the muslin at the top). It was a cool challenge, but so many of them made their models look bigger than they were. Maybe not as much as the
macaroni dress, but still.

Totally agree about Ven and Shark Dress Girl. The Asian with the Q-Tip hurrdo had a cool idea up top, but then ruined it with the melting cotton candy. Yep, Grandma Candy Dots need. ta. GO. Get over yourself - you made an apron with a bustle that made her ass look HUGE. And Lantie.* Lantie, Lantie, Lantie. Girl should've gone home last week. The whole "But I didn't have TIIIIIMMMME" argument was el lame-o.

Oh, and also...was it just me or did Heidi seem PISSED at the very beginning of the show before she sent the designers back to the work room? Maybe they were filming this one around the time she and Seal broke up, because she did not seem happy to be there.

Tiny Russian? The raven haired movie villain guy? If so, totally forgot about that one. i gasped when it walked down the runway with the movement of those candies. 

 (SEE - I TOLD you it was awesome...)

Speaking of beef stroganoff, I am wearing gold skinnies today. Got em last weekend. I debated wearing pants since living in Kansas City has become akin to living on the surface of the sun, but figured I'd throw caution to the wind! Fly by the seat of my gold pants!

 (That is no lie - the temp gauge in my car yesterday read ONE HUNDRED FUCKING TWENTY ONE DEGREES. I'm surprised my pants didn't fuse to my skin. Seriously, Mother Nature, can we move on from this weather?????)

Sweet. Are you at work? I assume you took photos and also assume there is no good reason I have to wait to see them on the blog. 

....annnnnnd SCENE!!

This short dramatization has been brought to you courtesy of Wet Wipes, Bryer's Frozen Yogurt, and Tampax. Tampax, helping you relax when Mother Nature attacks your slacks...TAMPAX.

*We did not make this name up. I repeat, we did NOT make this name up.

Tee: Old Navy
Pants: The Garment District
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Necklace: Threadsence
Cuff: Charming Charlie's
Earrings: Standard Style Boutique



Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

I'm loving those gold pants! Awesome! You know it's not been as hot here and it's usually boiling but we've caught a break with it hovering around 95 here over the past couple of weeks. That's like ther freaking arctic compared to last year. I hate to say but I bailed on PR many moons ago, sometimes I think I should go back and then I just don't.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Oooohhhh, would that we could have a 95-degree day. I never thought I'd see the day when 95 degrees seemed cool and refreshing.

Kish said...

May I just share that EVERY. Single. Time. that I read your blog, you make me laugh. I just want to say thank you!
And you do look great in your gold pants!