Monday, June 25, 2012

A Hairy Situation

Ladies, meet me at camera three. We have something to discuss. This weekend I was oooot and aboooot, and saw something that was abhorrant. It was vile. It was revolting. It was a woman with this haircut:

I know, I know, some of you may be thinking "Hmmmm...perhaps a woman in her 40s sporting pink hair shouldn't be casting stones," to which I reply: "BUT MINE WASHED OUT AFTER ONE SHAMPOO..." Can I get a witness?

For reals though, The Gosselin didn't even look good in 2008, let alone 2012. It's a haircut I have just never understood. It's two! Two! Two cuts in one! It's a Frankencut.

And in 2012? It's time to give it up.

For the love of Sheena Easton, Kate Gosselin doesn't even wear The Gosselin anymore.

I implore you, ladies who continue to wear this style. Perhaps even more, I implore YOU, hairdressers who continue to foist this travesty on us, refuse. Just refuse to give the cut anymore. Please. Do it for the children.

All eight of them.

And speaking of liver and onions, I have had these photos for like, EVER now, and just haven't posted them yet because let's face it, I have sucked as a blogger lately. I'm TRYING to turn it around, folks. But what we have here is The Deal Of The Century, courtesy of T.J. Maxx.

It's an All Saints dress I scored for $59, regularly $480. Awwww yeah. 25th class reunion, here I come. 

This bad boy weighs about 15 pounds, and that ain't no joke. But for fiddy nine dollah to make you hollah? I'll add another 15 el-bees to my number.

T.J. Maxx - I think you hear me knockin, and I think I'm comin in. My name is Maxxinista. Call me...

Tank, Jeans: Target
Blue pumps: Steve Madden
Studded pumps: Vince Camuto
Bracelets: Old Navy



Courtnee said...

Oh Shan, I heart you! I thought my hood was the only still suffering from a particularly fierce strain of the gosslein!

Love the pink hair with the rockin outfit. And where do I begin with that dress! Love!! Our 20th was held in dive bar because the committee thought it would be ironic. So I had to wear jeans (and plenty of hand sanitizer...I kid...kind of!) god lord I hate hipster irony!

Anyway, you'll knock their scks off!

Arianna Luisa said...

Love your blog!!!:)

Emily said...

Super-duper HOT, Shan! Please tell us how many Kate G haircuts you see at your reunion, b/c if you school was anything like mine, you will see at least one.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Ugh - ya'll won't believe this. Just yesterday, we decided to cancel our 25th reunion because apparently my class is lame and didn't want to spend $40/person for a shindig Saturday night. RAWR. Guess I'll be wearing my new All Saints to work.