Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tummy Tuck Timeline, 1 Year Post Op

Okay ya'll, this is a hard post to do, cuz it's photos of me stripped, literally. For those of you who have been around long enough, you'll remember that last April I had a tummy tuck and muscle repair to repair the damage I had from carrying The Trips. Because of diastasis recti, my rectus abdominus had become completely separated. If you're so inclined, you can read more about diastasis recti here. If you're further inclined, you can read my ramblings about the tummy tuck here.

Sooooo, here is where I started. This is me on the operating table just before my c-section. Prepare yourselves....

(Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, ya'll)...

And here are my pre-tuck photos, side-by-side with photos I took last week. Front view (obviously), holding muscle contraction. You can see my scar (lovely, isn't it?), which is very faded in some parts, and still pretty purple in other parts. You can also see a tiny divot, or almost a dimple, that is a few inches below my belly button (not the one I was born with, mind you), and to the left. The dimple is scar tissue because I was not stringent enough when massaging my scar after surgery. Incidentally, after surgery, your stomach is completely numb, like Novocaine numb, and stays that way up to a year or more after. Although the area that is numb is much smaller, it is still numb about 2 - 3 inches all the way around my belly button and down to my scar line. This is part of the reason that I didn't massage as much as I should have - it skeeved me out to touch my stomach and not FEEL it feel it, y'know?

Next up, side view, with muscles completely relaxed. Nice. I may use this one for our Christmas card this year.
Third verse, same as the first, this time sucking my gut in for all I'm worth. These are the pics that show the biggest difference to me.
Sooooo, there it is. Am I glad I did it? HELLS YES. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The recovery, I felt, was not as bad as the recovery from my c-section. I'm not saying it was a walk in the park, and it hurt like hell, but not nearly as bad as I expected it to. Feel free to ask any questions, if you have any.

And just because you prolly need a palate cleanser after all of those photos, how bout this one?

(Jon Hamm, I'd be happy to share a beer and a pixie stick with you anytime, call me...)



pyjammy pam said...

Is it wrong for me to say I wish I'd had the muscle separation? (Damn my long torso!) Now I don't have a good excuse for a tummy tuck, but you can bet your ass I'm getting one as soon as I um finish uh losing this baby um weight. Uh.

this free bird said...

Holy sh*t Shannan. I can't believe it's already been a year. I remember reading those posts and then crying in at night thinking about you.


Courtnee said...

You look awesome! If I ever manage to get pregnant again, I've requested a tummy tuck for my 40th bday!

Laura said...

You look great!

April G said...

I'm so jealous. Nothing short of a tummy tuck will rid me of all the excess tissue left over from carrying my twins (and I only had TWO in me!). That's what you get when you have 14+ lbs of baby in you, I guess. Someday though! I hope if I ever get one, I look as good as you. :D

MerciBlahBlah said...

Thank you ladies. That tuck came with a lot of hard work, cuz the older I get, the more effing DIFFICULT it is to keep weight off. I never realized once I hit about 38 just how hard it would be!!

Peetzi Jen said...

Looks fabulous!!! But how has it been an entire year already!?

I am dying to have one after my 10 1/2 lb first born. I will be picking your brain when the time comes cuz I am a scurdy cat, for sure!