Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

So I know I have been kind of checked out of ye olde blogge lately. Shit happens, life goes on. I thought I'd catch you up on some of it, shorthand-like.

1. My eyeballs - they haven't been working properly lately. Bought a Groupon last week for a fiddy percent discount on Lasik or PRK (whichever I qualify for). I'm wearing el stupido glasses-o until my checkup to see if I'm a candidate. Suck it, glasses.

2. The kids turned 4 last week. Hard to believe that this time 4 years ago we were making daily trips back and forth to the NICU to see them. We are so lucky to have had three healthy kiddos (and only been subjected to tie-dyed bedding, Cheezits in the butt-crack, home-made lemonade, cream-free Oreos, toys on the roof....please stop me...I could go on....)

3. Speaking of, I was thinking this weekend of some of the food I craved when I was pregnant. Here's a list: Chef Boyardee ANYTHING, but especially Spaghettios with Franks. Like, I couldn't get enough of the stuff. Guacamole. I would come home from work early on in my pregnancy, make a bowl of it, and stand at the kitchen counter and eat. the. entire. thing. You wouldn't want to wave your fingers in front of my face at that point in life. I would have bitten them off, dipped them in guac, and enjoyed them in front of you. Orange juice. This was when I was on hospital bedrest, and there was a room for all the patients there stocked with things like cereal, OJ, milk, ice cream, etc. etc. I would send The Hubs over routinely to pick up as many tiny cups of OJ as he could carry, and would down them all in about 2 minutes. Pop Tarts. See above re: orange juice. Ditto.

4. My sis and her family are FINALLY back on the same continent. Cannot. WAIT. to see them in June. HOLLA!

5. In other news, I fear we may not get to take a vacation AGAIN this year. Suck it, money (or lack thereof).

6. In further news, SOMEONE needs to quell their shopping habit.

7. I am apparently WAAAY tardy to the party on the Mick Jagger love train. Thank you, SNL, for showing me the light. (Gina - don't hate me because I'm an idiot...)

8. Apparently, I may be the only person who did not realize there was an eclipse yesterday. SUE ME. I was in a sugar coma.

9.Thinking about registering for a Warrior Dash to take place in late September. Has anyone else ever done this? It gives me butterflies to think about doing it. I think that means I should.

10. My apologies to anyone who heard farting noises during the prayer at my grandma's 90th birthday party last weekend. Strangely enough, this time it wasn't me who was making them, but Simon, blowing farting noises on my arm. Give me a little credit. I know when it's appropriate to fart (in an aisle at Wal Mart, when you are NOT making eye contact with someone else) and when it's not appropriate (in church, at weddings or funerals, or during the prayer at your grandma's 90th birthday party). Sorry, family, that my kids think farts are funny. I don't know WHERE they get that.

11. Finally, here is my other favorite part of SNL, an awesomely sweet send-off for Kristin Wiig...

Shirt: JC Penny
Pants: Zara
Shoes, Earrings: Target
Bracelet: F21
Necklace: Coral necklace from me sis that she got in Sardinia, or maybe Italy

Merci and MWAH!


oomph. said...

My neighbors and I were tAlking about joining one of those warrior dashes, too! Pretty hard core, but looks like so much fun!,