Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I don't know what reminded me of this over the weekend, but I had a memory of a vacation my family took when I was about nine. We went with my aunt, uncle, and cousins to where I am not certain, but I think it was Jellystone Park. We caravaned to the place, stayed at a little motel, and it. was. AWESOME. Not only was it just fun to be hanging out at a motel with my cousins, it also rocked because I remember at the little coffee station in our room there was a box of sugar cubes, which we had never seen before, and we must have eaten almost the entire box during our stay there. I shudder to think of my own kids getting into  a box of sugar cubes. God help us all...

I distinctly remember swimming in the motel pool, at which there was a curvy slide that we went down overandover again. I also distinctly remember that there was a wasp nest on the ladder of the slide, but it did NOT deter us.

Somewhere along the way in life, I became a complete wuss where wasps are concerned, because when I was getting into my car in the garage yesterday, there was a wasp bumbling about the ceiling just above my car, and I screamed like a little girl, ran inside and got The Hubs, who took care of it after I backed the car out.

I CLEARLY did not get the Wasp Killing Gene from my mother, who - no joke - kills them mid-flight by cutting them in half. WITH SCISSORS. I am not even lying. My aunts do the same thing. If we're with my family and an unlucky wasp flies into view, mom or any of her sisters will stop what they're doing and say, "Get the scissors." And we do. They are the Mr. Miyagi of wasp killers. The yodas of pest control. They are all "Do or do not. There is no try."

The only time I remember killing a wasp myself was as a kid, at my Grandma's house, and a bunch of us were playing in the bedroom upstairs, where there were ALWAYS at least three or four wasps buzzing around the windows. One landed on a dresser, and we found a jar of Noxema Deep Cleansing Cream, took off the lid, and turned it upside down on the poor sucker. Death by eucalyptus, bitchez.

The ironic thing is I have never been stung by a wasp - KNOCK WOOD - but I think I'll keep my jar of Noxema and an extra pair of scissors handy...just in case.

Sweater, Earrings: F21
Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Versus, consignment
Shoes: Target
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Urban Outfitters


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random (p)Inspirations: Ikat STAND It!

I have been wanting a pair of printed pantalones for like EVER, but when I saw this on The Glamourai recently, it pretty much sealed the deal. I NEEEED these pants in my life.

In fact, I could pretty much get on board with the entire ensemble. Here's the dealio, though - I either want supah dupah skinnies, or pajama-like wide legs. Looks like there are several of both options to choose from, luckily.

J'adore these Joe's crops from Anthropologie, and while they're too spendy for THIS guy's wallet, they're still adorable, no? LOVE them with the lacy crochet cami.

These AG Adriano Goldschmied's are a wee bit cheaper, and hella cute.

Thanks a LOT, Calypso St. Barth, for having these pants marked down to $34 and BEING SOLD OUT. Jerks.

I'm not QUITE as crazy about the cut of these Michael Kors, but do loves me the pattern nonetheless.

Haute Hippie - uh, maybe if I hit the lottery. Loves.

Now these pants from Threadsence I can get on board with, but OF COURSE they're also out of stock. DAMMIT! Ah well - the search continues.

Happy Tuesday, yo!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hey Tiger

So I don't have much to say today, other than I am CRAVING Krispy Kreme this morning. That's about it.

I am not the biggest donut fan in the world, but every now and then I need a lil maple glazed Krispy Kreme in my life, and I may just have to make a run for the border, so to speak.

In fact, imma do that now. Audi.

Tiger Tee, Skirt: F21
Tank: Wal Mart
Boots: Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Bracelets: Target, F21
Earrings: F21


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Open Letter to Cinnamon Life Cereal

Hey Baby,
I'm so glad I ran across you in the grocery store that day. I wasn't even looking, and there you were. I thought I was taking someone else home altogether. Imagine my surprise when I had my first bowl.

I was expecting plain old Life, and he's nice. Classic. Solid. A little bland. But you, Cinnamon Life?

Sugary. More spice than I expected. And when I ran out? I got the wrong box mistakenly (again). This time old faithful just wasn't quite enough.

So I came back for more of you, with your cinnamon stripes, you saucy little minx you.

So good that I can't eat just one bowl. Oh no. Finish the first, then pour in a little more, with just a dash of milk. Just enough so you don't sog up. Oooooh baby.

You're hot, sticky sweet. From your head to don't have feet, but you catch my drift. And now? Now the box is empty again. But I'll be back. Oh yeah baby, you KNOW I'll be back. 

Jacket: Missoni for Target robe
Tank: Wal Fart
Jeans: Hudson
Shoes: Vicky's Secret
Necklace: Threadsence
Earrings: F21


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

So I know I have been kind of checked out of ye olde blogge lately. Shit happens, life goes on. I thought I'd catch you up on some of it, shorthand-like.

1. My eyeballs - they haven't been working properly lately. Bought a Groupon last week for a fiddy percent discount on Lasik or PRK (whichever I qualify for). I'm wearing el stupido glasses-o until my checkup to see if I'm a candidate. Suck it, glasses.

2. The kids turned 4 last week. Hard to believe that this time 4 years ago we were making daily trips back and forth to the NICU to see them. We are so lucky to have had three healthy kiddos (and only been subjected to tie-dyed bedding, Cheezits in the butt-crack, home-made lemonade, cream-free Oreos, toys on the roof....please stop me...I could go on....)

3. Speaking of, I was thinking this weekend of some of the food I craved when I was pregnant. Here's a list: Chef Boyardee ANYTHING, but especially Spaghettios with Franks. Like, I couldn't get enough of the stuff. Guacamole. I would come home from work early on in my pregnancy, make a bowl of it, and stand at the kitchen counter and eat. the. entire. thing. You wouldn't want to wave your fingers in front of my face at that point in life. I would have bitten them off, dipped them in guac, and enjoyed them in front of you. Orange juice. This was when I was on hospital bedrest, and there was a room for all the patients there stocked with things like cereal, OJ, milk, ice cream, etc. etc. I would send The Hubs over routinely to pick up as many tiny cups of OJ as he could carry, and would down them all in about 2 minutes. Pop Tarts. See above re: orange juice. Ditto.

4. My sis and her family are FINALLY back on the same continent. Cannot. WAIT. to see them in June. HOLLA!

5. In other news, I fear we may not get to take a vacation AGAIN this year. Suck it, money (or lack thereof).

6. In further news, SOMEONE needs to quell their shopping habit.

7. I am apparently WAAAY tardy to the party on the Mick Jagger love train. Thank you, SNL, for showing me the light. (Gina - don't hate me because I'm an idiot...)

8. Apparently, I may be the only person who did not realize there was an eclipse yesterday. SUE ME. I was in a sugar coma.

9.Thinking about registering for a Warrior Dash to take place in late September. Has anyone else ever done this? It gives me butterflies to think about doing it. I think that means I should.

10. My apologies to anyone who heard farting noises during the prayer at my grandma's 90th birthday party last weekend. Strangely enough, this time it wasn't me who was making them, but Simon, blowing farting noises on my arm. Give me a little credit. I know when it's appropriate to fart (in an aisle at Wal Mart, when you are NOT making eye contact with someone else) and when it's not appropriate (in church, at weddings or funerals, or during the prayer at your grandma's 90th birthday party). Sorry, family, that my kids think farts are funny. I don't know WHERE they get that.

11. Finally, here is my other favorite part of SNL, an awesomely sweet send-off for Kristin Wiig...

Shirt: JC Penny
Pants: Zara
Shoes, Earrings: Target
Bracelet: F21
Necklace: Coral necklace from me sis that she got in Sardinia, or maybe Italy

Merci and MWAH!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Snaps: You Say It's Your Birthday...

I've been meaning to upload some snaps from last weekend, and figured now was as good a time as any, since I have birthday party pics to add now too. We had a few friends and family over for the Trips fourth birthday party, and the day couldn't have been better. Someone has two thumbs and is in a cake coma, and it's this guy. Ugh. Oy vey. Blech.

Ahhhh, fun with buckets. Tell me again why I just spent a buttload of money on actual toys for their birthday???


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my three little birds. Our lives are infinitely better - AND MORE EXCITING - with you in them. May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your backs, and may your chocolate chips always be perfectly melty in your cookies. 

Love love love,


I have been remiss in my blogging lately, and I know it. Forgive me if I haven't felt inspired. This post has been bubbling in my brain, and I have been debating whether or not to write it, but I feel like I can't NOT write something about it.

Two weeks ago in my town, a women driving home from work noticed that her 13-month old baby in the back of her car had stopped breathing. She pulled over and called 911. Resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful, and the baby was pronounced dead. The horrible, tragic reason this happened? The baby's mother mistakenly thought she had dropped the baby off at daycare before she went to work, so the baby suffered from hyperthermia.

I cannot fathom what this family, this mother, is going through, particularly just after the Mother's Day holiday. So many times since this story came out, it crosses my mind, and I catch my breath in grief and pain for her. Statistics say that such a tragedy can happen to anyone, that 51 percent of children who die in vehicles are left unintentionally. I have seen some of the comments people have written in online newspaper articles about this story, and they are ugly and hateful. It's not for me to judge this woman, who I am sure is judging herself more harshly than anyone else ever possibly could.

All I can do is pray for peace for her and her family. And yet, at the same time this grief that I have for someone I don't know, is interlaced with the guilt I feel about my own parenting. Always. I have three precious children whom I would die for. Would die if anything happened to them. If I were the cause of something terrible happening to them? I don't know if I could go on. And yet. And yet I complain about them. About the fact that they seem to relish doing the opposite of what my husband and I ask them to do or not do. That they are just being children. I get frustrated and yell far more than I should. Say things when they come downstairs at 6:30 in the morning like "You should still be in your bedroom until the green light comes on on your clock at 7 a.m." instead of "I love you." And I feel like an asshole as soon as it comes out of my mouth. I love them more than anything, and I want them to know that. And yet. It is a grave responsibility - the responsibility of another human being. The responsibility of keeping them safe, nurturing them, of loving them, of teaching them how to be the best person they can be.

So I have these emotions whirling through my head simultaneously, and please forgive me if I am feeling like it is not quite so important to post photos of whatever I happen to be wearing today or tomorrow or the next day. I am grappling with how best to get my arms around everything. The constant struggles with guilt. The struggle with being with my children yet also wanting time - NEEDING time - for myself as well. Those oh so subtle reminders from my own mother that I may be selfish for trying to take that time. Recognizing the gift that my husband and I were given, 4 years ago today, when my Gavin, Simon, and Scarlett were born. And I don't even really know how to end this rambling post, except to say, if you pray - please send up a prayer for this family who is suffering so much right now, and if you don't pray - send good thoughts their way. And maybe a few for me while you're at it.

EDIT: I feel like I should say I wrote this a few days ago when I was really struggling with the story. I just wanted you all to know I AM having a better day today, especially since it's the kids' birthday. Thank you thank you thank you for your love and concern. I appreciate it more than you know!!

Peace and Love.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Random (p)Inspirations: Green


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Red Carpet Recap: 2012 MET Ball

Let's talk about the good, the meh, and the crazy, shall we?

Ultimate Favorite, Hands Down, goes to Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren:

Homeslice is serving up some old Hollywood style GLAM.

Seriously. I DIE for that makeup. That dark burgandy lip just killed me dead. Crazy bananas good. And speaking of bananas...

Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe. And NEXT to Rachel Zoe (who is NOT in my favey faves of the night, sadly). Listen, I don't love Karolina's crazy head gear, but that dress is supah fly TNT.

Pamela Love in I don't know WHO (anyone? anyone???) but I Pamela LOVE this look - the pattern, those cutouts, those cuffs???? Perfection.

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

I always loves me a metallic dress, and there were plenty to love at the MET, but this Michael Kors on Jessica Alba is gorge gorge gorge.

Rooney Mara is a little bit weird, and I think that's exactly why she can carry off this drop dead sick Givenchy haute couture by Riccardo Tisci. Normally I'm not a fan of the see-through stuff, but it works on her. As usual, her hair and makeup are perfect.

Love the color-blocking on Constance Jablonski, Haider Ackerman. That sounds like a legal firm - Constance Jablonski, Haider & Ackerman. At least she's got a fall-back career if that modeling one doesn't work out for her.

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

God bless, Kristin Wiig is FINALLY wearing a color. You know, it's not even my favorite dress, but just the fact that she is not wearing the same color as her skin puts it automatically in my favorites. Stella McCartney.

I LOVE a backless column dress, and this Michael Kors on Liu Wen is no exception.

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

Rhianna in Tom Ford. I feel like I should love this more than I do, but something about it seems stiff to me. Oh well, at least we can all be thankful that she's not slapping her lady parts a la SNL last weekend.

Kate Bosworth in Prada. Feathers, gorgeous jewelry, and perfect makeup - there is that dark burgandy lip again. Do I need to find some of this for fall? Cuz I can do that.

Solange Knowles in Rachel Roy. DYING for that clutch with this dress. 

January Jones in Atelier Versace. Look, I cannot STAND January Jones. I have the same visceral reaction to her that I do to Katherine Heigel. I can, however, appreciate a purty yellow dress when I see one. It looks like yellow is still a thing, isn't it?

The Meh
I hate to put Cate Blanchett in the Meh column, because unlike January Jones, I have a girl crush of epic proportions on her. Despite the fact that her makeup looks gorgeous and hair is just so, this Alexander McQueen is just me. Like maybe the feathers on it are making her look bigger than she is. I still love you, Cate. Call me????

Gwennie, Gwennie, Gwennie...I dunno...this dress....not so good. Yeesh. It's like a home ec prom dress gone awry. Shouldn't Prada be turning out more high-end looking dresses?

Like Rooney Mara, Christina Ricci can get away with the odd dress, and while this Thakoon IS odd, and I do, in fact, LIKE the black lace bottom of it, and even a bit of the nude ruffle at the top, the explosion of ruffle that threatens to overtake the room like a virus is a bit much for moi.

The Cray Cray
Elizabeth Banks, you have been knocking it outta the park lately, but this Mary Katrantzou just went off the rails.If it were sans the caplet, and the pregnant peplum, it may be workable, cuz I can appreciate the skirt on the bottom, but altogether? It's less than the sum of its parts.

MKO in The Row. First of all - was she in a windstorm on her way to the event? I had no idea there was such severe weather in the area. Secondly - ENOUGH with the geriatric sartorial statements, mmm-kay, MK? It's just ill-fitting and unflattering.

I don't know who this woman is or why she is undressing at the MET Ball, but it's all fun and games until a hipbone puts an eye out.

KStew - I feel really badly for you. Realllllly I dooooo. In the Nicolas Ghesquiere, you can't tell me she didn't show up, see everyone else, go "Oh shit," and then immediately got her photo taken. This is bad on so many levels. From a distance, those shoes look like 1983 called, and they want their anklets back to wear with their OWN damn pumps, thank you very much.